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Tibidabo Hill, also known by the name of The Magical Mountain is 512 meters high, which makes it the highest peak in Serra de Collserola mountainous chain. Besides the incredible view to Barcelona, this place offers so many other entertainments that you can literally spend the whole day here with no chance to get bored.

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What is waiting for you on Tibidabo Hill?

Temple Expiatori del Sagrad Cor

On Tibidabo Hill you will find the Rome catholic temple Sagrat Cor, which in English means “The church of Jesus Christ’s holly heart”. It’s 175 high and right on the peak you will find a statue of Jesus Christ with his hands spread out. You will see a big platform in front of the church. Get on it to enjoy an amazing view. Inside the church, besides the colorful mural paintings and glass-cases you can also see a reproduction of the Black Madonna (note that the original painting is, by the way, now in Montserrat monastery).

The entrance is free of charge.

Tibidabo Entertainment Park

It’s actually a whole century-old entertainment park with amazing reputation. Founded in 1901 year, it accommodates a funicular you can take to reach right the peak of the hill. As a matter of fact, the railway is the first core attraction constructed in the entertainment park.

Today, Tibidabo Entertainment Park offers more than 30 different attractions suitable for young and mature people, as well as show programs for any age and street theater that makes the experience here truly unforgettable.

Some of the most emblematic attractions in Tibidabo Entertainment Park are:

  • The Old Merry-Go-Round
  • The Panoramic high wheel
  • La Talaia – merry-go-round which will take you 50 meters above the ground
  • L’Avio – also known as the first plane simulator in the world. It was created back in 1928 year

I would add Tibidabo Automaton Museum to this list, too, as here I saw lots of mechanical devices among which there are quite fun ones, while others, although a bit scary, are really interesting. Note that the visit in the museum is included in the ticket price. If you don’t have a ticket for the park, you can still visit it, though, but will be charged with 2 EUR.

Tickets for the park

The entrance tickets depend on the visitor’s height. Some of the attractions are not allowed for people under 120 or 90 cm. Visitors, who are taller than 120 cm pay a regular ticket price, while those under this height use a discount. Kids under 90 cm get free entrance.

  • Standard ticket – provides an access to all the parts and attractions in the park
  • Ticket for the panoramic part – provides an access only to the panoramic part of the park where you can enjoy an amazing view and visit the most emblematic attractions here, including the museum
  • The panoramic zone can be visited without a ticket, too, but if you wish to use any of the attractions located in the zone, you will have to pay 2 EUR per attraction

This is a very popular and often visited by many people attraction, which is why I strongly recommend you to preliminarily book a ticket for Tibidabo Park.

Note: When it’s raining some of the attractions are closed due to security measures.

Discounts on tickets

  • People with disabilities get a discounted ticket that can be used alongside with one companion. Medical document is a must for evidence.
  • Group visits – a group with minimum 15 people with height over 120 cm have uses discounts on tickets. It’s necessary for the reservation to be made at least a week before the visit.
  • Seniors over 60 years old use discount, too. ID card is a must for identification of the age.


There are plenty of restaurants in the park, but the time I visited it not all of them were opened. That’s why I had to wait on a queue on any of the opened restaurant. It’s allowed, though, to bring food in the park, so having a couple of sandwiches is a great alternative.


  • The park has elevators that can take you to the highest level of the attraction
  • Guide dogs are allowed

Fabra Observatory

Existing since 1904 year this is the fourth oldest functional observatory in the whole world.

The greatest attraction in Fabra Observatory is actually an experience – having a dinner right under the stars. This extra is offered during summer months and includes several types of meal courses, drinks and Champagne. The tour includes a visit in the museum, a look towards the stars through some of the oldest telescopes in the world (made in 1904 year, if I have to be clear), as well checking out the Room with the big dome.

Personally I did not have the chance to enjoy such a dinner, but I will definitely correct this mistake during my next travel to Barcelona.

Don’t hesitate to get more details about the tour and the dinner menu. For more details, please follow the link.


The terrace arranged for the dinner under the stars is accessible with a wheelchair, but the observatory isn’t.

Collsrola Telecommunication Tower

With its 288 meters height, this tower is the highest point on Tibidabo Hill. It was built especially for the Olympics in Barcelona during 1922 year.

In the weekends you can visit the tower and enjoy the scenery from the panoramic elevator. 25-minute tours with tour guides in groups up to 20 people are available. More information about the prices, the dates and the exact starting times for a visit can be found here.

  • It’s necessary to book such a tour minimum 24 hours before the visit.

What should you know before visiting Tibidabo?

How to get there

Although the available organized transportation, it’s not always that easy to reach Tibidabo Hill. Depending on the season it might even get quite frustrating entering the traffic and dealing with the queues.

By car

It would be really lovely to reach the attraction by car, but unfortunately it does not offer so many parking spaces. The safest way to guarantee yourself one is to preliminarily book it at least 24 hours in advance.

You can check out the parking space fees and book one here.

By bike

If you are a sport lover, you should definitely take this route by bike. The distance from Placa Doctor Andreu to the park is about 5 km.

By tourist bus

You can reach Tibidabo station by tourist bus and then, to take the blue tram which will take you to the funicular.

Note that you get a discount for the park and the funicular if you take the tourist bus.

By public transportation

  • Bus T2B – departs from Paseo de la Vall d’Hebron
  • Bus T2A – departs from the corner at Catalonia and La Rambla square
  • Funicular – if you are with the kids make their experience even greater with this public transportation. The funicular departs from Placa Doctor Andreu and takes you up to the hill. You can get a discount for the funicular if you have already booked and purchased a ticket for the park.

Check out the time schedule and the prices for the funicular and the buses.

Attention: when the funicular does not work, there are preliminarily arranged buses to take you to the hill.

  • Blue tram – It’s the oldest tram in Barcelona and an attraction, itself, too. The tram will take you to Placa Doctor Andreu from where you can take the Funicular to the hill. You can purchase a ticket for the tram directly from the tram driver. To get the tram and the funicular is actually not the most affordable alternative, but it’s definitely the most exciting route to take to Tibidabo.

Unfortunately, the tram has temporarily stopped working due to reconstructions. The end of the working process is not announced, which is why you are left with the only alternative to use bus 196.

You can find more details about the time schedule, the tickets and the routes for each public means of transportation in Barcelona in the free app TMB, as well.

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