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Casa Mila

Casa Mila is also well-known by the name of La Pedrera (the quarry) due to its truly curious structure that reminds of a real stone-pit. It is located on the popular boulevard of Passaig de Gracia at the corner on Carrer de Provenca. Casa Mila is composed of two connected 5-floor blocks of flats and has a total floorage of nearly 4500 square meters. Each of the blocks is built around an inner garden, has its own entrance, as well as underground parking lot. Yes, indeed, you haven’t misunderstood, indeed in 1912 people used to be able to reach their home doors with their own cars. It’s actually the project Gaudi made a real furore of its time, while these days La Pedrera has been still one of the most remarkable attractions based in Barcelona.

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Casa Mila – background history and interesting facts

In 1906 year Pere Mila and his wife, Rose Segimon commissioned one of the most famous architects of the time, Antony Gaudi, a project building to be made. The building was supposed to include one general ground floor to be accommodated by the owners and several apartments on the upper floors to be given for rent. Due to the complex architecture and the necessity of an innovative approach into the constriction, today this building is determined as Gaudi’s biggest accomplishments in his own city architecture career in Barcelona. It’s as a matter of fact, the last residential project Gaudi realized before fully devoting his time to Sagrada Familia project.

La Pedrera had been building during the period between 1906th and 1912th year. Officially registered as UNESCO world heritage site in 1984th year, the building has been officially open for tourist visits since 1996th year.

Today, the ex-residence of Mila family has been also used for additional events and purposes, including:

  • One of the local top attraction that can be visits by tourists both: during the day and in the evenings

  • In Casa Mila the head main office of Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation is placed.

  • The first floor serves the role of a cultural centre where lots of various exhibitions take place

  • The spaces on the ground floor are given for rent and many shops are located here

  • It’s an interesting fact that there have never been any tenants in three of the residential flats

What can you see in Casa Mila?


To achieve the goal of making the exterior wavy (a symbol of the sea movement) more than 6000 stone blocks were used. They are all jointed with metal components to make the construction look complete and harmonious.

Balconies and bars

The beautiful iron railings on the balconies totally look like real seaweed. Each of them is individually and separately constructed, while at the end, joined together with creative rivets and studs.

The entrance gates are made of iron and glass. The iron element serves the role of a beautiful bar, while the glaze pieces come in different gauge. Those glass elements that are placed at the bottom, are tougher and thicker due to a risk of breakages.

Ground floor

You have the chance to actually view some beautiful mural paintings placed in the entrance halls here.


The two outside yards secure the better light access and helps the ventilation process in each of the apartments. Enjoy this amazing combo of great architecture, stunning nature and wonderful colour palette.

Main floor

This is the floor where the Mila family used to live, while today different activities, events and temporary exhibitions take place. If you are interested in these happenings, on mandatory check out the full program for the cultural season here.

Pedrera Apartment

The apartment you are free to visit is the Pedrera Apartment and it’s placed on the fourth floor. Here you have the opportunity to experience one bourgeois family’s lifestyle, as well as to see an authentic interior typical for any residential house in Casa Mila.

Espai Gauid

If you want to meet Gauid’s life and work, you will be able to see his own architecture plans, models, photographs and even videos. This whole exhibition is placed on the ex-laundry space right on the attic. The premise is composed of 270 arches and used to also serve the function to isolate the air chamber of the building.

Rooftop terrace

Right on the rooftop, except for the amazing view, you will also see six stairs cages, as well as the vent towers and some chimneys. Each of these elements, by the way, is of a unique structure and amazing design.

What should you know before visiting Casa Mila?

Casa Mila is quite visited attraction (nearly 3000 people come here on a daily basis) and there’s a big possibility for you to be made to wait on a long queue. If you want to experience the atmosphere of this original building and to enjoy the beautiful rooftop view towards the whole city on the terrace, we strongly recommend you to purchase tickets in advance. Thus, you will avoid the long queues on the cash desks. Moreover – the online ticket price is lower.

Types of visits

LA Pedrera Essential

The price in this tour includes free audio guide that offers you the chance to see the house as fast (or slowly) as you wish. You get an access to: the rooftop, the attic, where Gaudi’s exhibition takes place, the Pedrera Apartment), as well as the exterior spaces and Mila Family’s apartment where all temporary exhibitions can be found.

La Pedrera Premium

If you select this type if a visit you will get some extras like visual guide and premium access through Passeig de Gracia main entrance gate, which means you will not have to wait on a queue at all. On the contrary, you will be actually taken and attended right to the elevator.

La Pedrera Night Experience

Enjoy a stunning evening walk with a guide and in a small tourist group! You get an access to the rooftop, where you can even enjoy a cup of kava and some curious audio-visual film-shows. The Pedrera Apartment, though, is not included in this visit type.

On the other side, the night tour with a guide is offered in Spanish, English, Catalonian and Chinese. You can specify the language you want your guide to take place in when you buy the ticket. It’s when you can also get informed regarding the schedule of the night visits.

This type of a visit is available for combination with a dinner at Café la Pedrera or with some musical event.

Follow the links if you want to get more details about the dinner or the musical program.

La Pedrera Essential and Night Experience

How about taking the benefit of the chance to mix a day visit and the night experience in this brilliant building? During the day visit you will be offered a free of charge audio guide, while at night – a great tour with a real guide. The night show includes some amazing audio visual film-shows on the stairs, as well as on the rooftop, while at the end of the experience you will be treated with a cup of kava and some tasty sweets.

The night tour can be arranged at the same day of your day visit or three days before / after your tour in La Pedrera Essential.

L’altra Pedrera

This is a very amusing tour with a guide, who literally makes tourists laugh their heads off. Unfortunately, this experience is available only in Catalonian.

L’altra Pedrera is available every first Saturday of the month and starts at 12.15 o’clock.

La Pedrera Exclusive

This tour allows you to visit the building before everyone else or to be more specific before the start of the working day. Right after your visit you will be treated with a cup of coffee at De La Pedrera café. The visit is arranged in small groups and each of them is accompanied by a guide in English.

This type of a tour is available in Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Audio guide

You are offered with an audio guide in the following languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Catalonian, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.


Students, people with disabilities and seniors over 65-years old get special discounts.

Group visits

Casa Mila offers tours for groups with more than 10 people and in a company of a guide in several different languages, including English. To attend such a visit, you should book one in advance by filling in one form at La Pedrera official website.

It’s possible to arrange a private tour for a group of maximum 10 people.


The building is accessible for people with reduced movability.

Wheelchairs are also available, but for the purpose you should book one in advance at:

Working time

Check out here Casa Mila working schedule.


Passeig de Gracia, 92
08008 Barcelona
Телефон: +34 932 142 576

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