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It’s not a must to attend a football event in order to visit the biggest European stadium, which is by the way with a capacity of 90 000 people. You can actually experience the magic of one of the best football teams’ world by making yourself such a wonderful gift – to have a fantastic Camp Nou tour.

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What can you see at the FC Barcelona stadium?

The Museum

Thanks to the audio-visual equipment in the interactive stadium museum, you can come into contact with this team’s most sincere moments. Here is where you can also meet FC Barca’s background history, as well as each player’s history that has been part of the team through the years, plus their achievements. On mandatory, check out the specially tailored Lionel Messi zone which is devoted to honouring one of the most successful Barcelona’s football stars of all time. You can also see all the team’s trophies in one place!

A tour of the stadium

You can enjoy a panoramic view from the tribunes and depend on the tour type you will book (read carefully about each of these types when getting a ticket for the stadium tour) you might become able to visit the changing room, the press centre, the playground and even to receive the chance to step out of the stadium tunnel, have a sit on the substitute bench to feel as you are a real Barcelona’s player.

Getting a virtual view

According to me, it’s the most exciting experience to enjoy during a Camp Nou tour. Thanks to the virtual glasses, you will get as close as possible to the football players by becoming an actual part of their training and events. You can even experience the sensational moment when getting the crowd’s cheers like you are attending a real football game.


If you wish, you might get photographed on the specially tailored photo points. In these pictures, you will look like you are standing right next to the entire Barcelona team.

Please note that in most Cam Nou tour packs, the fee for the pictures isn’t included so that you will be additionally charged for the service. However, you’ll see that most visitors to take the benefits of getting the service by making huge queues to get photographed.

Everything you should know before visiting Camp Nou

You will find different alternatives for a visit to Camp Nou – starting from individual tours of the stadium and the museum (at an average cost of 30 EUR) and ending up with full programs with tours of all the stadium parts and accompanied by a guide, as well as with a virtual experience as an extra (at a total price of nearly 150 EUR). The stadium also offers an exclusive tour that’s appointed for just a couple of hours before a real Barcelona event. Though the tickets for such a tour are usually limited, and you can buy one only with a personal inquiry.

Although Camp Nou is just one of all the dozens of amazing sights in Barcelona at quite a high rate, we should agree that it’s also one of the top preferred one. To guarantee your Barcelona tour a Camp Nou tour at the most convenient for you time and without the necessity to wait on a queue, book a ticket in advance.

It’s essential to inform what’s included in the ticket before purchasing it!

Individual tour

  • For this type of a tour you can use an audio guide and spend as much time as you wish on different zones of the stadium without conforming with the tourist group’s speed.

A tour with a guide

  • The number of tourists per group varies depending on the tour type
  • It’s available in Spanish and English

Multimedia audio guide

  • The top benefit of such a guide is that you will be offered with information available in more languages


The stadium tour lasts nearly 1.5-2 hours, but you can spend as much time as you wish.

Group tours

In case of a group tour, there’s a special offer for a free ticket per each 20 purchased tickets, while the maximum number of tourists for a group with one guide is 30.


Children under 13 years old, as well as seniors over 70 years old use discounts. It’s necessary to provide an ID to prove the age.


Due to the significant number of stairs, not all the Camp Nou tours are accessible by wheelchairs. People with limited mobility can enjoy the panoramic view at the second row, as well as to visit the museum (the trophy room, the Messi zone, Barcelona background history space and the room with the rest sports trophies).


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