Lisbon Oceanarium was found back in 1998th year and it’s located in the Nations Park. The attraction is designed in a way as it’s swimming in an ocean and to reach it, there’s a bridge to pass. Lisbon Oceanarium is formed of two buildings that are connected with circulation slopes to let the flow between both of them. One of the structures is made for the permanent exhibition, while the other – for the temporary exhibitions. The museum shows symbolizes the unbreakable relation between the ocean and the Portuguese capital. Lisbon Oceanarium is one of the biggest aquariums in the world and it’s visited by more than 1 million of people per year. Here, you can see more than 15 000 species.

In Lisbon Oceanarium educational activities take place, too, and they are concentrated to encourage of the people who want to learn more about the oceans and the marine species. The managers of the attractions tempt to attract the attention to the hottest ecological problems, too. Here, a whole team of highly qualified biologists and engineers works and they often arrange trainings and tuitions.

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What to see?

The permanent exhibition

The exhibition represents the life in the World Ocean. It’s formed of aquariums that contain 5 million liter of seaside water where you can see real marine and seaside ecosystems. The most impressive aquarium is 7 meter deep and with 5000 and with a total volume of m3, as well as a transparent roof. This aquarium is placed right in the middle of Lisbon Oceanarium building. You can see this aquarium while you are going down the spiral-shaped stairs around the aquarium glaze. Here is where you can also see the life during the seas and oceans. On the lowest floor you will find weird creatures from the deepest waters and on the last one – species that live close to the water surface.

Temporary exhibition

It’s presented in the other Lisbon Oceanarium building. Follow the program of Lisbon Oceanarium as it’s where the topic of the temporary exhibition is mentioned per certain period of time. This is how you can make plans whether to visit it when your date for a visit of Lisbon Oceanarium comes.

Education trainings

They are focused on the idea to meet people with the problems of the World Ocean, as well as on the significance behind knowing the World Ocean. These trainings are suitable for people from different educational levels. Specially tailored courses and workshops for teachers are also provided on a regular basis.

Restaurants and shops

  • Restaurant Tejo – you will see it during your tour of Lisbon Oceanarium. It’s located at a square of 400 m2 and it impresses with its contemporary interior. The restaurant mostly offers Mediterranean and healthy cuisine. However, note that the prices here are a bit higher than the standard prices in the city.
  • In Lisbon Oceanarium there are also gift shop from where you can buy some souvenirs, clothes or other thing whether for a present or to keep the memory of the attraction, and a café.

What should I know before a visit of Lisbon Oceanarium?

  • You should turn off the sound of your mobile device when you enter Lisbon Oceanarium
  • It’s not allowed to make photos with flashlights or to use a selfie stick inside
  • It’s not allowed to smoke – even an e-cigarette – either
  • You are not allowed to eat or to bring any food inside the aquarium during the visit
  • You cannot enter the attraction with any animals or pets. Blind people, who need their guide dogs, should contact the museum team in advance for getting a special permission.
  • You are not allowed to touch the aquarium walls or to tease the animals


You can get a ticket only for the permanent exhibition or to have a combo ticket for the permanent exhibition and for the temporary ones.


  • Kids up to 3 years old enter the attraction for free.
  • Kids from 4 to 12 years old use discounts for the ticket.
  • There are such discounts for seniors over 65 years old, too.


  • A tour of the permanent exhibition with guide – you will learn details about the different aquarium species
  • A tour of the temporary exhibition with guide – for kids over 4 years old and seniors
  • A tour of the two exhibitions with guide – full tour of the entire Lisbon Oceanarium building
  • There are also audio guides at several languages, including English. To use one, bring your mobile phone and have headphones at hand. You should also download and install the app Ocenario de Lisboa. The price for the audio guide is nearly 2 EUR.

Group discounts

  • Family ticket for two adults and two kids up to 12 years old
  • For groups formed of at least 15 people
  • Special discounts for school boys and girls, as well as for student groups


Lisbon Oceanarium is accessible for people with disabilities. There are loading platforms, as well as elevators that simplify the passage of wheelchairs.

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