The City

Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. It is located in the northwestern part of the country, on the Vltava River. Prague is the most important political, cultural and economic city in Central Europe. It attracts tourists from all over the world with its magnificent architecture, which is a mix of different styles such as Baroque, Rococo, Gothic and Romantic. Since 1992, the historic city center has been recognized as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Area – 496 km²
  • Population – 1,308,632 people
  • Annual Tourist Attendance – 8.5 million people
  • Official language – Czech
  • Airport – Vaclav Havel

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When Is the Right Time To Visit Prague?

The winters in Prague are very cold and windy, but the summers are very pleasant. Therefore, it is better to visit the city from mid-June to early September. Thus, you can enjoy warm weather during the trip without rainfalls.

  • Minimum Temperatures – about – 3 ° C
  • Maximum Temperatures – about 31 ° C
  • The Hottest Months – July and August
  • The Coldest Months – January, February, March
  • Chances of Precipitation – December, January, February


Public Transport

  • Metro – there are three lines, that run across the whole city – A (green), B (yellow) and C (red). They operate from 5:00 am to midnight. In the peak hours, trains run in 2-3 minutes. Outside the busiest hours, they operate in 4-10 minutes.
  • Trams – run from 4:30 am to midnight. The night lines range from № 91 to № 99 and arrive at intervals of 30 minutes. If you want to explore the local sights, get on the historic tram № 41.

Tip: Be aware that trams always have an advantage over pedestrians, so be careful.

  • Buses – they run identically to the trams. The convenient bus network is a better option if you want to visit the outskirts of the city. The night lines operate with the range from №901 to №915.
  • Ferries – they are also part of the urban transport network. The option can ease your journey across the Vltava River and make it shorter. Boats provide beautiful sights of the city as you travel onboard.
  • Cable car – this is one of the favorite tourist attractions. It will take you to Petrin Hill. There you can find a panoramic playground with amazing views of Prague.

Rental Car

You will only need it if you travel outside the city. Although, the fastest and cheapest way to explore the city is public transport. If you are about to decide whether to rent a car, check out the company beforehand. Some of them have a very bad reputation, especially those located at the airport.

Coach Buses

They are a flexible and very easy way to get to the most interesting places in the city. You can get on and off smoothly for 24 or 48 hours. It depends on what ticket you have. You will have access to an audio guide and travel guide. The lections can be in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and several other languages.

Bicycles for Rent

PRAHA BIKE is the largest and best bicycle rental company in Prague. It has over 200 bikes, including electric ones. By biking, you can easily explore the city more pleasantly. There is an option to sign up for a guided bike tour to learn something interesting.


Compared to other European capitals, taxi fares in Prague are cheaper. Although, they are not as affordable as urban transport. You can take a taxi if you do not have other choices. If you are traveling from the airport to the city, choose the Welcome Pickups.

Tip: The best option is to order a taxi by phone. Thus, you can be sure about the fare, which you will pay. If you hire a taxi from the street, ask how much it will cost you to reach your destination. Then, you can consider whether it is worth it.


The good thing about Prague is that you can easily find delicious local food at very affordable prices. Be sure to try the famous goulash or pork shank at one of the local pubs, such as the Krčma, the U Parlamentu, and the Lokál Dlouhá. If you’re looking for a modest place, that offers a delicious breakfast or lunch, visit the Sisters Bistro or the Naše Maso. Try some yummy afternoon coffee and sweets at the Original Coffee or the Chocolate Café Bistro, which is next to the Prague Castle. If you are willing to spend more money on culinary specials, visit the U Medvídků. You will adore not only the food there but also its high-quality beer.

There are 31 Michelin awarded restaurants in Prague. They offer a truly awesome culinary experience in the city. One of them is Alcron, which has all the 3 honorary stars. It features an intimate atmosphere, an art deco style, and great international cuisine. All of this comes with a perfectly chosen collection of fine wines. There are also 21 Michelin 2-starred restaurants in Prague. Two of the food places stand out from the rest. One of them is the Terrace U Zlaté Studně. The restaurant has been in the business since 1901. There you can enjoy classic cuisine, mixed with some Asian influences. The other notable restaurant is the Salabka, which is located on the outskirts of the city. It offers a menu of local produce. Keep in mind that the best tables are on the first floor with a view of the vineyards.


Discovering Prague can start with a walk along the 650-year-old Charles Bridge. Usually, it is full of tourists, but this fact will not obscure its beauty. If you want to explore the Old Town, get ready for at least one day to stroll around it. Check out the mini spectacle that happens every hour at the Astronomical Clock. It is worth it. Visit the other historic district of Prague – the Mala Strana. Get on the cable car and climb up to the Petrin Hill. Take a boat ride along the Vltava River. Be sure to try the local beer with mouthwatering bites of goulash or pork shank.

Nightlife and Entertainment

The simple fact that beer is cheaper than water in Prague is a major prerequisite for a well-developed nightlife. The clubs in the city have a distinguished reputation. Some of the most visited are the SaSaZu because of its world-famous DJs; the Loca Bar & Lounge for its tasty cocktails; the Lucerna Music Bar for its notorious retro parties; and of course, it is the Epic Prague – one of the most modern venues for night parties and dances! For a true rock experience, visit the Lucerna Music Bar, the MeetFactory Music, the Palac Akropolis or the Klub 007. The best jazz clubs are the Blues Sklep, the Reduta Jazz Club and the Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt.

You cannot visit Prague and miss the chance to stop by at a real beer bar! One of the most recommended places is the U Medvidku in the Old Town. Another one is the Malostranská Beseda. It is dedicated not only for beer fans but also for sports admirers. If you are true connoisseurs of excellent hops drinks, visit the Czech Beer Konvikt and the Pivovar Marina. Have fun in Prague!

Top attractions in Prague:

Prague Castle
St Vitus Cathedral
The Astronomical clock
Charles Bridge
Old Town Square
National Museum
Dancing house
John Lennon Wall
Vltava cruises
Havel’s Market