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Royal Palace of Amsterdam

If you want to get closer to king’s life, then, on mandatory come to Royal Palace of Amsterdam. It’s one of the few castles that are still at the royal family’s disposal today. The palace is the most often selection for a host of official ceremonies like New Year Eve’s welcomes, gala nights and award ceremonies. During the rest of the time Royal Palace of Amsterdam is opened for public visits. The palace is located at the Dame square, in the heart of the city. Here you will learn lots of facts about its interesting background history, but will also enjoy the palace amazing architecture and wonderful pieces of art that are displayed.

The palace building was constructed back in the 17th century and primarily, it was a place where the Mayor’s hall was situated. In the 1808th year King Louis Bonaparte for the first time tuned the building into a palace. The presence of Bonaparte can be felt even these days due to the lovely collection of pieces of furniture you can still see. In Royal Palace of Amsterdam lots of paintings, sculptures and other interesting exponents are preserved.

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Check out now my useful tips to use when visiting this fascinating attraction in Amsterdam!

Things to see

The Town Hall

It is inspired by the architecture style of Ancient Rome. The hall is 30 meters tall in total and it is spread along the entire length of the palace. One of the most impressive things here is the marble floor with three big maps (each with larger than 6-meter diameter) that display the east and west hemispheres plus the night sky. The posh chandeliers made in 1808th year also stunning, as well as the enormous sculpture made by Quellijn. The most intriguing one among them is the 6-meter sculpture of Atlas, who holds the earth sphere.

The royal furniture

They are spread in several rooms – right next to the Town Hall. The most amazing interior designs are those in the throne hall, the royal apartment, as well as the Moses hall.

The balcony

Get on the balcony to enjoy a fascinating view of the Dame square. The balcony is often the stage of many royal events and official ceremonies.

What should I know before a visit of Royal Palace of Amsterdam?

  • The palace is opened almost all the time, excluding the days when it hosts official ceremonies.
  • Nearby the palace there are a couple of guarded parking spaces for cars.
  • You can make photos inside Royal Palace of Amsterdam only for private use and with no flash option.
  • Using mobile phones in the palace is not allowed
  • If you want to join any of the guide tours, you should book your participation in advance.
  • The audio guide is very useful not only because it provides lots of curious facts to learn, but also because it helps you to orient inside Royal Palace of Amsterdam!


  • The ticket price includes audio guide at several languages, including English. There’s a specially tailored audio guide service for kids in English language that’s 100% free of charge.
  • There are tickets for guide tours.
  • There are discounts for students and groups.
  • Kids under 18 years old and Museum Card owners enter the palace for free.


  • If you want to, you can take the benefits of the guide services – a qualified history scientist will take you through the chamber of Royal Palace of Amsterdam.
  • There are also thematic tours such as the Empire Tour that presents the palace during the Napoleon Empire (1804-1815)
  • There are tours for groups formed of 10-20 people or of 5-15 kids.


Royal Palace of Amsterdam is easy to be accessed on a wheelchair. Inside the palace there are elevators and WC rooms that are specially tailored for people with mobility issues.

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