Azulejo National Tile Museum

Azulejo National Tile Museum in Lisbon was created back in 1965th year. It’s placed in the monastery of Made de Deus, which, on the other side, was established back in 1509th year. The tile museum collection is real journey through the history of the popular painted Portuguese ceramic tiles from 15th century till these days. They represent one of the hugest world tile collections. It includes tiles with Mauritian geometric figures, tiles from Mudejar style, as well as classical white-and-blue tiles that are emblematic for Azulejo. These tiles have been preferred elements for decoration in Lisbon for centuries. The tiles can be seen in many palaces, churches, shops and even private houses. In the National Tile Museum there are exhibitions with tiles from Andalusia (Spain), Italy and even from India. Some of the most precious exponents are the 1300 tiles that represent the city of Lisbon before the big earthquake from 1755th year. They form a whole panel that’s 23 meters long. Check out what else you can enjoy and see at Azulejo Museum!

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What to see?

The permanent exhibition

It’s placed in the monastery rooms and shows the 5-century history of the painted ceramic tiles in Portugal. Here, you can also see different tile styles, trends, flows, colors and forms. They all represent the spirit of a certain epoch or time.

Convento de Madre de Deus Church

The church is typical for its rich architecture – golden-plated ornaments, which contrast to the big number of traditional Azulejo tiles. The ceiling and the walls are covered with beautiful wall paintings.

Temporary exhibitions

Often, the museum presents temporary exhibitions that show different periods of the advance in the art of Portuguese painted tiles in details. They are all devoted to specific themes or styles.

Go to the Azulejo Website to get more information about the exhibitions.

Cafes and shops

In the museum yard there’s a lovely café, where you can relax after the sightseeing tour. Visit the gift shop, too. Although it’s small, the shop offers a wide range of thematic souvenirs and presents to make your relatives or friends happy when you go back home from Lisbon.

What should I know before a visit in the National Tile Museum?

  • You can reach Azulejo museum with the following busses – 718, 742 and 794 from the Trade square. The other option is to use the subway and get off at the Santa Apollonia station from where you can take a bus to take you to the museum
  • Check out the museum working time before a visit. Usually, it’s closes on Monday.  You can see it here.
  • You can get an audio or video guide for free
  • There are informative signs in English and Portuguese language
  • If you need WiFi, it’s available only in the lobby and the café
  • One of the best time for a visit in the museum is during Sunday mornings as there are no queues at the entrance then
  • You can enjoy a lovely view to Lisbon on the museum last floor. Don’t miss it for anything in life!


The ticket for the museum is, by the way, much cheaper than the ticket for any other attraction in Lisbon (around 5 EUR only).

Tip: You can combine the ticket for Azulejo National Tile Museum with tickets for several other attractions in the city or to take the benefits of the privileges Lisbon Card provides. The card allows you to travel for free with the city’s public means of transportation, as well as to visit museums with discounts.


If you want to, you can get private tour in order to see the museum in details and to learn some special and interesting facts about the Azulejo tiles and Portuguese history in general. There are also all-day-long tours that include participation in a workshop for producing real tiles, as well as transport from and to the hotel you are accommodated at.

The museum has a mobile app which works as an audio guide in Portuguese and English languages. It’s compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

50% discount for:

  • People over 65-years old
  • Students
  • Families – two parents and at least 2 kids

The entrance is free for:

  • Kids up to 12-years old
  • People with 60% and more disability
  • Jobless citizens from EU

Access to people with disabilities

Azulejo Tile Museum is accessible for people with mobility disabilities. There are both: elevators and installed loading platforms.

The informative signs are also available in Braille language especially for the blind people.

Video in sign language as a translation to the museum guide is available for people with damages hearing.

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