Eiffel Tower

Climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower will give you many colorful emotions. Feel the thrill of walking on a spectacular glass floor, discover the history of the place and enjoy unique views of Paris from every level. Although the French initially resented the building of the Eiffel Tower, calling it “useless and monstrous”, it gradually became France’s most recognizable symbol. Today, 130 years after its creation, it attracts over 7 million visitors a year!

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What to see?

The Esplanade

This is the square in front of the Eiffel Tower with beautiful alleys and gardens. There is an information desk for the West Pillar visit. At the corner of the North Pillar, you can see a statue of Gustav Eiffel. There are machines of the 1899th Tower elevator, placed on the base level. You will also find many food and souvenir shops at the Esplanade.

First Floor

Here you will feel the thrill of walking on the glass floor and looking at Paris beneath your feet. Besides, you can take part in a free adventure game with your family or friends. Thus, you will have fun and learn interesting historical facts about the most iconic landmark in the world. Another way to learn more about Tower’s past is through checking its special touch screens and reproductions. Some shops and restaurants will tempt you to take a short and delicious break.

Second Floor

It impresses with incredible views of the Louvre, the Grand Palais, the Seine, Montmartre, and Notre Dame. There are wonderful dining options for the whole family, including a Michelin-starred restaurant. Do not miss a stop at the Macaroon Bar to taste some of the most enticing French desserts. Gather your strength, as this is your last stop before the Top.

The Top

A glass elevator will take you up to 276 meters above sea level. You will see Paris lying beneath your feet. Here is the office of Gustav Eifel, which restored to its authentic appearance. A wax figure, which depicts the Tower’s creator, accompanied by his daughter Claire and the famous inventor Thomas Edison, welcomes every visitor. Before you go, take a final took at the panoramic maps, the original model on the top of the Tower, and drink a glass of champagne!

Restaurants and Bars:

  • The 58 Tour Eiffel – The restaurant is located on the First Floor and offers views of Trocadero Square and Shayo Palace. It is a great place for a family to get lunch or dinner. Here you can taste a seasonal French cuisine and enjoy a modern and elegant interior.
  • The Macaroon Bar – When you arrive in Paris, do not hesitate to try one of the classic French macaroni desserts. The Macaroon Bar offers the best of them, right on the Second Floor. They will amaze you with some diverse tastes.
  • The Buffets – To get a quick bite and drink on feet, select The Buffets. You will find it at the Esplanade, as well as on the First and Second Floor.
  • The Jules Verne Restaurant – The legendary Tower-Top restaurant offers an unrivaled French gastronomic experience. It also has private access through the South Entrance of the Tower. If you want to know, what it is, like to eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant, visit the Jules Verne Restaurant.
  • The Champagne Bar – You can find this bar is at the Top. It is a great place to end your Eiffel Tower tour. Soft drinks are also available here, so the Bar fits everyone’s taste!

What do you need to know before visiting the Eiffel Tower?

  • Buy online tickets in advance, so you do not have to wait in long queues.
  • You can print your ticket on paper or have its code scanned from your smartphone.
  • You can purchase a ticket, up to two months in advance.
  • The busiest months are July and August.
  • Use an interactive map that will show you how to get to the Eiffel Tower by public transport.
  • Get to the venue at least 15 minutes before your ticket time.
  • Use the East Entrance, as the crowd there is smaller.
  • Each ticket purchased online bears the name of its owner. Be sure to enter group-wide identification, including children.
  • You can get a visitor guide from the cash registers to help you navigate the Tower.
  • You will undergo a security check at the Entrance. It is inadvisable to carry large bags or suitcases, because you may not enter the premises.

“Follow Gus” Kids Tour

The tour is suitable for children aged 6 to 10 years, who speak French or English. On it, the cartoon character Gus, dressed in the style of Gustav Eiffel, accompanies the children for a funny and educational experience at the Eiffel Tower.

Tickets types

  • Ticket with access lift to the Top
  • Ticket to the Second Floor
  • Ticket with access stairs to the Second Floor with access lift
  • Ticket with access stairs to the Second Floor and with access lift to the Top. This ticket is on sale at the Tower only


  • For children and young people, aged 12 to 24 years
  • For children from 4 to 11 years
  • Children under 4 enter with free admission with a companion

Group visits

  • School and university groups with visitors aged of 4-11 and 12-24 get price reductions as well as 1 free adult ticket for every 10 tickets purchased.
  • Online tickets pre-ordering is required to take advantage of special group visit rates.


  • The Eiffel Tower is also accessible for people with disabilities.
  • They receive a discount off the regular price ticket upon providing a valid certificate.
  • The Upper Tower and stairs are not suitable for people with mobility difficulties.

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