Disneyland Paris Parks

In Disneyland Resort Paris there are two theme amusing parks, which are located in the central part of the resort.

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Disneyland Park

This is actually the first park and it has existed since 1992 year. Divided into five zones, they include the following theme entertainments:

  • Main Street, U.S.A. that recreates the typical American street from 19th-20th century period with all the classical cars, buildings and everything typical for the small American town of those times.
  • Frontierland is the Wild West World or the era of cowboys and American Indians.
  • Adventureland will take you on a trip round the world starting from the mysterious Orient land, passing Africa, continuing to the deep and jungle and ending on the Caribbean Island where you will be met by a gang of Caribbean pirates.
  • Fantasyland is the world of classical cartoons and popular fairy tales. You will meet the most iconic characters on your way to the castle where the Sleeping Beauty meets you.
  • Discoveryland offers you a time travel to the future in a company with fantastic characters such as the cosmic ranger Buzz Lightyear

Walt Discney Studios

This is the second Disneyland’s park and it was established back in 2002 year. Here you will meet the whole Disney movie world, as well as all your favourite heroes to feel like you are a real part of the emblematic movie productions of all time. The park is divided into several theme zones:

  • Front Lot – here you will find most of the local shops, including the iconic Walt Disney Studios Store. You will also find the main tourist offices and services where you can get some information about lost items and personal belongings, wheelchairs, first aid assistance and many more. Here you can also make a reservation for any of the nearby restaurants.
  • Backlot is the place where you can get a clear idea how exactly a real movie studio looks like
  • Toon Studio is dedicated to the remarkable and top popular animation characters like Mickey Mouse. Nemo, Aladdin and many more.
  • Production Courtyard will dive you in the Hollywood magic, while the inner attractions will take you right on the backstage of the big movie industry

It’s expected in 2021 year the new zones to get into building process (to be more specific the following zones: Marvel Land, Frozen Land and Star Wars Land). It’s promised for the zones to be opened in around 2025 tear.


There are literally attractions suitable for any age. Some of them are with limited access and in most cases the limits are regarding the kid’s height.

The time you need to wait on a queue per attraction depends on the popularity level of the attraction, itself. You can, though, save some precious time by making a plan in advance, as well as by taking the benefits of using the special Fastpass, which comes with the amazing magic hours.

Tip: There are certain periods some attractions are closed for maintenance or repairs. More information about all attractions and their working time you can find here.

Characters and show programs

I’m sure every Disneyland visitor is eager to be seeing the most awaited meeting with his or her top favourite characters. You can experience these amazing moments even by chance – why having along among the parks – or even by having a dinner in any of the Disney’s restaurants. There’s an opportunity for you to visit specially tailored show programs or the exciting event called Disney Stars on Parade.

Check out the current program for the Disney’s show.


The easier and cheaper alternative to get a ticket for Disneyland Paris is by making a preliminary purchase online. This is how you will avoid any worries whether you will wait too much on any queue for a reservation at the Disneyland Parks. There are different alternatives for an entrance – for instance, tickets for one or for both of the parks, a ticket for the two parks, ticket for one, two, three or four days, as well as annual tickets. The prices vary depending on the visitor’s age, as well as on the ticket type. All children under 3 years old are not charged with any entrance fee, while the kid’s ticket for children between 3 and 11 years old comes with a special discount.

Sometimes, there are also special offers like a visit of the two parks at a price for a visit of one park and many more interesting promotions.

Tip: The pack trip offers are quite beneficial as they will save you both: time and money


There are different types of a Fastpass. Such a pass gives you a quick access to some of the top attractions in Disneyland Park. You can book a Fastpass directly via Disneyland official website or to purchase one at the entrances of the parks or in any Disney hotel.

Free Fastpass

There are attractions with a free access. You will see a scanner machine right next to such an attraction. Use the machine to scan your entrance ticket. You will receive a coupon with a specific time when your Fastpass ticket will be valid for a free of charge entrance, as well as the concrete time when you can get another free entrance coupon. Please, note, that it’s not allowed to have two fast entrance coupons appointed for the same time. When there are many visitors in the park, it’s possible for these coupons cards to be out of stock, so you will be deprived of this option.

If the time of your coupon has run out, when you reach the attraction, it depends only on the staff whether you can still use it, or not.

Tip: To guarantee an access to any of the most visited attractions, you should get your fastpass within the early hours of the day.

Disney Hotel Fastpass

It’s valid for a day excluding the hours between 13 and 16 o’clock. Please, note that such a pass can be used only once per attraction. It’s given to some guests who have booked an accommodation offer in some Disney hotels and the requirements for using the pass are different depending on the specific hotel, as well as the type of the room you have booked.

VIP Fastpass

This is a ticket that can be used a limited number of times for all fastpass attractions. Sometimes, it’s not valid within a certain period of time (it depends on how crowded the park is). Such a ticket is given to all guests of the following hotels: Castle Club, Disneyland Hotel and Suites, New York Suites, Newport Bay Club Suites, Sequoia Lodge Suites.

Super Fastpass

Valid for a single person and for the day of the purchase. It gives you an access to three selected attractions in any of the Disney parks. The ticket price varies around 30-45 EUR depending on the season.

Ultimate Fastpass

Valid for all attractions in the Disney parks, but also for one single visitor and within the purchase date. There are two types of Utltimate Fastpass:

  • One time ultimate fastpass – you can use it once per attraction and it costs between 60 and 90 EUR depending on the season
  • Unlimited ultimate fastpass – you can use it a limited number of times and it costs between 120 and 150 EUR depending on the season


Disney Photopass is a card which you show anywhere you can be photographed, if you want to keep the memories forever. This card can be also converted in Photopass+.

PhotoPass+ costs 69 EUR and it might be purchased at any big store and after the purchase it allows you to capture photos within 10 days. The photographs will be saved and accessible for you via from where you can share them in social webs or to print and download them.

Guide tour

There are guide tour offers in both of the parks in Disneyland Paris Parks. These tours are suitable for people, who want to learn more details about the attractions, the buildings, the background history or the conception of the resort. If you are with kids, we definitely don’t recommend you to lose any time in such a tour. It’s because you cannot use any of the attractions during the guide tour unless you move away from the group. Although, know that the time in Disneyland Paris Parks is never enough in all cases.

Rent a stroller

A walk in Disneyland with small kids can be quite exhausting, which is why the park staff can offer you a stroller to rent. The specially tailored for the purpose offices are placed right next to the park entrances. In Disneyland Park there are strollers for rent right behind the Main street station (on the right side), while in Disney Studio, there’s an office for strollers in Front Lot (at the right side of the Studio 1 entrance).

Tip: If you plan to go to Disney Village, too – whether for some shopping to have a bite – it’s not necessary to return the stroller. You can take it and return it in the end of the day.


There are lots of shops, stores and street stalls in the parks. Visit them to buy some souvenirs, gifts and theme clothes.

The best time for shopping is at lunch or during the early afternoon hours. Sometimes, it’s very peaceful in the shopping zones early in the morning, but it’s usually for a very short period, while the biggest fuss is during the evenings.

Shopping service – to get rid of the bags with all of the gifts you have bought, take the benefits of this service. Ask any of the shop consultants and employees and they will direct you at once. It’s sometimes even possible to give your items until 15 o’clock and take it back after 18 o’clock in Disney Store in Disney Village or receive them directly in your hotel after 20 o’clock. This service is available in all hotels of Disney and Val de France Hotels.

Tip: Please, don’t forget to keep your cash-slip, because it’s the only document you can use to receive your things back.

The service is not available at the street stalls located in both of the theme parks.


At the territories of both parks in Disneyland Resort you will find many restaurants that are suitable to satisfy any individual taste or food preference – fast food, pizza, different cuisine restaurants, theme restaurants where you can eat alongside with your beloved characters and among a wonderful atmosphere and many more.

The restaurants are, though, not cheap at all. For instance, a burger menu costs around 16 EUR. But to tell you the truth, the high price is not the biggest disadvantage. Due to the big crowds in the parks you might have to wait for a really long time till someone takes your order, which is why if you don’t have a reservation, better go to any restaurant you see not to end up hungry during your amusement day.

Restaurant reservations can be made in Disneyland city-hall, as well as at the reception in the same hotel or on this phone number: 0033 160 30 40 50.

Board and half board

If you don’t want to daily wonder where and what to eat, DLP offers you and your family an option for board or half board service available in several options (Standard, Plus and Premium). You can book a board with lodging service, too, as well as in a pack with a pass for the parks.

Working time

The parks open at 10 o’clock and the working time varies depending on the season. You can get clear information about the working time for any period within the year here, as well as at any hotel reception, where in addition to these, you can find out which attractions are opened and which are under maintenance.

Extra Magic Time

It offers you the advantage to visit the park one or two hours before the official opening time. This service is available only for the guests who have booked a room in any of the seven Disney hotels, as well for the visitors who have some special annual days-off.


All attractions and hotels in Disney are accessible for people with disabilities. To book a specially tailored room you can dial this hot phone line 069 13804107 or use the direct booking form for people with special needs. Find the form on the official Disneyland Paris Parks website.

Both of the theme parks are equipped with mechanic wheelchairs. You can rent one at a certain price per day or by providing a deposit.

For more details, check out the official brochure for people with disability.

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