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Budapest Parliament

Parliament building in Budapest is a fabulous example for neo-gothic architecture style. In 1880th year an open auction for the building project aiming to serve the Hungarian parliament took place. The construction process started in 1885th year. The building was officially had opened during the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian country establishment in 1896th year, but actually was completely finished a few years later.

The building of the Hungarian parliament is the third largest building of its kind right after the Rumanian and Argentinian parliaments. Budapest Parliament is spread on an area of 18 000 square meters and contains of 691 rooms, 20-kilometer staircase, 27 entrance gates and 242 sculptures. The building has a capacity for 50 5-floor blocks of flats. Some of the best views of Budapest Parliament are from Danube River, as well as from Batthyany square.

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Things to see

The cupola room and the Hungarian crown

Inside the Cupola room of Budapest Parliament Saint Stephan’s crown is stored – this is the first official king of Hungary. The room is 24/7 guarded by strict security measures and the photographs here are not allowed. The room impresses with its stunning cupola, as well as with its beautiful window displays and statues representing different Hungarian rulers.

Staircase XVII

The staircase is adorned with golden plated ornaments, amazing window displays and wall drawings. The staircase leads to the main floor of the Parliament building.

The lobby and the Room of the Upper Chamber (also called Upper House)

The carpet in the lobby is hand knotted, the ceiling – golden plated – while the walls are adorned with paintings. The Room of the Upper House is decorated with golden plated ornaments, too, and it’s used for conferences and official meetings.

The big staircase

It has 96 steps that are covered with a red carpet. The staircase connects the main entrance with the Cupola room. The windows here are decorated with fantastic window displays. On the other side, the most special part of this area is the set of 8 granite columns in such a unique style that to be honest, the world knows only 12 more of this kind.

The Hungarian museum

It is located in the Visit center and it’s free of charge to be seen. Here you can learn a lot about the history of Hungary, to enjoy the Museum of the stones and the memorial complex, which is a symbol of the rebellion from 1956thg year against the Soviet Union.

What should I know before a visit of Budapest Parliament?

  • It’s closed for visits during sessions and official holidays
  • Right at the entrance, except for a ticket you will be asked to show your ID document
  • It’s recommended for you to come at least 15 minutes earlier than the start of the tour
  • Eating, drinking and smoking is not allowed in the building
  • It’s also forbidden to talk out loud here
  • Animals, excluding guide dogs are not allowed


You can enter the Parliament building only after purchasing a ticket for a guide tour. There are discounts for kids and youths between 6 and 25 years old. The citizens of EU receive an extra discount. Kids under 6 years old enter the building for free.

Guide tour service

The tour lasts around 45 minutes and covers the Cupola room, the Big staircase, the Upper House (chamber) and other interesting to be seen places. The guide tour is arranged at several different languages, including English. It is preferable to get a ticket for a guide tour via internet as the number of the people in a group is limited.


The building of the Hungarian Budapest Parliament is accessible for people with disabilities, as well as for their companions.

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