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Dutch national museum

The Dutch national museum in Holland, also known by the name of Rijksmuseum, was established back in the 1800th year. During this time the museum was, though, placed in Hague. The museum collection includes mainly paintings and historical objects. In 1808th year the museum relocated in the new Dutch capital, the city of Amsterdam and to be more specific, it was placed in Royal Castle on Dame square. Rijksmuseum current building was constructed back in the 1885th year. In The Dutch national museum you can meet the entire treasure of the Dutch art, as well as the country’s history from the Middle Ages till these days. Plus – it has a lot to “tell” you about the general aspects from the European and the Asian art. Here is where more than 8000 pieces of art and historical exponents are preserved.

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Check out some of the most curious things not to miss and to see in Rijksmuseum!

What’s on mandatory to see in the Dutch national museum?

The night watch” painting

This is the most famous masterpiece by Rembrandt finished back in the 1642nd year. The real name of this painting is actually “The Shooting Company of Frans Banning Cocq”, but it was found, it had been so darkened through the years that the discoverers decided to call it “The Night watch”. The painting is a total masterpiece because of the genius light game Rembrandt succeeded to achieve. However, you will be curious to find out that the guarantees of the painting did not like it and this moment is the time when the painter’s financial collapse had started.

The milkmaid” painting

The only painting made by Johannes Vermeer and that displays a housemaid is “The milkmaid”. By taking under consideration the workmanship, the painting can be compared only with “The girl with the pearl earring”. In “The milkmaid” the accent is in the light that in a totally incredible way shows the deep yellow and blue tones. The painting was finished in the 1658th year and impresses with its amazing photography realism.

The museum garden

Before entering Rijksmuseum, you can enjoy the creative weirdness of the outdoor garden that is filled in with sculptures and that was projected by Pier Cuypers back in the 1901st year. Here you can find an enormous chestnut tree, lovely flowers, play zones and lots of art installation to see. During the summer time the garden hosts a whole line of temporary exhibitions.

The doll house

In the Dutch national museum you can see lots of strange, but curious objects on a display. One of the most visited and preferred one among the visitors is the set of doll houses. This collection dates from the early 17th century, but, please don’t even try to think that these houses used to be kid’s toys. They are actually designed with precise attention to the least detail or accent. As a matter of fact, these doll houses were typical collections for some of the wealthiest Dutch housewives. Among them you can see real tiny glaze windows, porcelain tea cups and many other cool realistic elements.

What should I know before a visit of Rijksmuseum?

  • The museum is highly visited mostly during April, May and August
  • The biggest crowds of tourists in Rijksmuseum are between 11 and 15 o’clock.
  • It’s unlikely to be able to see the entire museum during one single visit, which is why it’s recommended to focus on a concrete stair or a concrete historical period.
  • If you buy a ticket at the museum entrance, you will have to wait for about 20-30 minutes on the line. I recommend you get a ticket in advance via internet. Thus, you will avoid waiting on the queue at the desk.
  • During the weekend drawing lessons are arranged to give you a chance to paint something of Rembrandt’s collection
  • During the school holidays additional free activities for the whole families are available
  • You are not allowed to enter the Dutch national museum with huge knapsacks or other type of luggage. There’s free of charge cloakroom you can use to leave your things.
  • It’s allowed for the visitors to make photographs, but don’t use the flash. Video recording is permitted, excluding shoots with lights.
  • The museum also offers free Wi-Fi.
  • If you are either on a cane, or on crutches, make sure they are not sharpened as they will prevent you from being let in the museum.


The ticket for Rijksmuseum provides you an access to the entire museum, as well as its outdoor garden. The guide tour service is extra charged. The ticket is valid 12 months after the purchase date and once purchased, it cannot be return. Kids under 18 years old and Museumkaart owners enter Rijksmuseum for free.


  • Group tours – The maximum number of people per group with a private or hired from the museum guide, is 15. If your group is late 15 minutes late for the reservation, your tour is overdue.
  • Free app – 14 different multimedia tours and lots of cool routes, created by the visitors, who use the app, are available. You can even create your own route! Here’s one tip from me: on mandatory bring your own headphones or buy one in the museum.
  • Digital family6 game – solve 8 mysteries during your family tour to make your experience even more exciting! The game is offered at the multimedia tour desk. It is suitable for kids older than 7 years old. The game is available for 2-4 people. It lasts about 1 hour.
  • Tours with guides devoted to the main accents in the museum collections – you will see the most popular paintings and will meet the most curious periods from the Dutch history. The tour is not recommended for kids under 16 years old. It’s available in English, too.
  • School tours
  • Private tours
  • Tours for people with dementia – available for maximum 12 people at once
  • Tours for people with sight problems – available for maximum 8 people at once


The Dutch national museum has an elevator on all floors, so all exponents are accessible for people in wheelchairs. Guide dogs are also welcome.

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