Prague Castle

Prague Castle is an ancient symbol of Czech Republic, as well as the most significant Czech monument and the top important cultural institution for the country. This is also the biggest castle complex in the world with its territory of nearly 70 000 square meters. The complex includes palaces and churches from different architectural styles – from the oldest remains in Roman style from the 10th century to various gothic modifications made in the 14th century. Prague Castle was established around the 800th year by Prince Bozivoy. The castle is an object listed as a part of UNSECO cultural heritage with its tradition of more than 1000 years. In Prague Castle history, architecture and art live intertwine.

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What to see in Prague Castle?

Saint Vitus Cathedral

It is the biggest and the most significant chapel in Prague. Besides religious rituals, inside this building, coronations of the Czech kings and queens take place. The cathedral is the place where saints-patrons, rulers, nobles and archbishops are buried.

The Big south tower of Saint Vitus Cathedral

Tt’s a 100-mter tower that offers a unique view of Prague and the cathedral bells. To reach the top of the tower, you should climb up to 280 steps.

Saint George Basilica

This is the second church in Prague Castle and it was established around the 920th year. Though, these days a very small piece of the church is preserved as in the 973rd year it was expanded and fully reconstructed.

Rosenberg Palace

The Renaissance palace was between somewhere between the 1545th and 1574th year. 30 years later, though, it became a property of Rudolf II Emperor. In the 18th century the palace was drastically reconstructed and became a host to the Noble Institute.

Painting gallery

It includes pieces of art made by the artists who represent the European painting within the period between the 15th and the 18th century

Royal Garden

It is located at the place of the old medieval vineyards. The garden was created in the 1534th year and today, it’s a very cozy and stunning place for a walk.

What should I know before a visit of Prague Castle?

  • Each building in the complex has its own working time, which is why it is good to check it out before planning a visit.
  • It is allowed to make photos, but flashes, stands or selfie sticks are forbidden to be used
  • Photography making is not allowed in the exhibition dedicated to The History of Prague Castle, The Treasure of the cathedral, Saint Vitus and the painting gallery in Prague Castle
  • You cannot use a drone at the territory of Prague Castle
  • You cannot enter Prague Castle with a big bag or knapsack
  • If you visit Prague Castle during the winter season, please, have in mind that most of the buildings are not heated!

Types of tickets

The tickets are valid for two days – at the day of the purchase and on the next day. The purchased tickets cannot be applied for return.

Concert tickets are available for purchase at the cash-desk in the Information center placed in the second yard of Prague Castle.

The tickets for the temporary exhibitions are available for purchase at the exhibition locations.

  • Prague Castle Tour A – a tour of Saint Vitus Cathedral, The Old Royal palace, the History of Prague Castle, Saint George Basilica, Golden Alley with the Dalyborka Tower and Rosenberg Palace
  • Prague Castle Tour B – Saint Vitus Cathedral, The Old Royal Palace, Saint George Basilica, The Golden Alley with the Dalyborka tower
  • Prague Castle Tour C – Exhibition “Treasure of Saint Vitus Cathedral” and the Painting gallery in Prague Castle
  • Exhibition “History of Prague Castle”
  • Exhibition “Treasure of Saint Vitus Cathedral”
  • Painting gallery Prague Castle
  • The Bit South Tower with a gallery and a great view
  • Park Chateau in Lany – the tickets are available round a single day and are available for purchase at the park entrance

There are discounts available for:

  • Kids between 6 and 16 years old
  • School and university students up to 26 years old
  • Seniors over 65 years old
  • Families – 2 adults and from 1 to 5 kids under 16 years old
  • Student groups

There is a free entrance available for:

  • Kinder gardens that are accompanied by teachers
  • Kids under 6 years old
  • Invalidity card owners + one companion per each owner
  • Teachers and the student group they accompany


In Prague Castle tours with professional guides in several languages, including English, are offered. It is possible to plan tours for disability people, as well as for groups and private tours. Due to the increased demand during the tourist season I strongly recommend you to book a tour in advance:

  • Standard tour – includes Saint Vitus cathedral and the Old Royal Castle. This tour lasts 1 hour.
  • Audio guide tour – includes information for 96 objects and exponents from Prague Castle. The audio guide lasts about 3 hours and each visitor can select about which specific spheres to listen to. The guide includes information about the exterior in Prague Castle, as well as about the interior in Saint Vitus Cathedral, Saint George basilica and the Old Royal Castle. It’s available in English.


As a whole, Prague Castle is accessible for people with disabilities and visitors in wheelchairs. You can visit some parts of the royal palace and the exhibition rooms, Saint Vitus Cathedral, the gardens – but note that some of the objects – like the South tower of the cathedral – are not accessible.

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