The Astronomical clock

Prague Astronomical Clock is one of the most popular Attractions in the Czech capital. It’s also popular by the name of Orloy. The clock is more than 600 years old. Prague Astronomical Clock is also the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world. It is located at south side of the tower from the construction of the Old Hall Town at the Old Town square. The clock has been beautifying the building façade since 1410th year.

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Prague Astronomical Clock includes a calendar that shows the exact position of the sun, the moon, the astrological signs and the rest planets. One of the most impressive parts of Prague Astronomical Clock is the astronomic dial. The dial shows the sunset and the sunrise, includes different geographic information, as well as the situation of the tropics and the equator.

The seemingly static statues that are devoted to the four “evils” and the four “virtues” represent one of the most interesting elements of Prague Astronomical Clock. Right above the main clock you will see two blue doors that open to disclose the “Path of the apostles”. Between 9:00 and 21:00 o’clock at every hour the apostles come alive. If you look closely you will see a dial with differently painted medallions. Each of them presents each of the 12 months of year.

At the top of the clock tower a golden cock rises.

The secret of Prague Astronomical Clock don’t even end here. Inside the building there are spiral stairs and an elevator. By using them you can reach the tower top from where to enjoy an amazing view of the square.

The creation of Prague Astronomical Clock is veiled in many legends. According to one of them the Czech master Hanus, who’s supposed to project the design of the clock, was sentenced to be deprived of his sight. Why? Because the government did not want the master to create another clock of this sizes and magnificence anywhere else! Before getting blind, though, the master got the right for one wish. He wished to see his creation one more time. According to the legend, the master damaged the clock and since then no one could fix it for 100 years.

Prague Astronomical Clock is so related to Prague’s history that there’s even a legend according to which if the clock stops working, big miseries will happen for the entire city and the only salvation would come only from a boy born in the New Year’s Eve.

Prague Astronomical Clock was damaged a lot during the Second World War, but fortunately, after the end of the war it was fixed. Within the years Prague Astronomical Clock has been restored and modified lots of times, but it’s a fact that it has never stopped showing the time correctly.

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