Old Town Square

Old Town Square or Staroměstské náměstí in Czech is the oldest and the most important square in Prague. It has been located in the heart of the city’s Old Town since the 12th century. Old Town Square was a witness to several of the most significant historical events for Czech Republic and Czech people.

Long time ago, this place used to be a lively market place, but within the time churches, palaces and monuments started appearing here. The square had turned into a trade crossroad for Central Europe. At first, it was called The Big Square, but in the 1895th year it received its current name of Old Town Square.

The century background history of Staroměstské Square has predetermined its current look and here you can see a great mixture of architectural styles – baroque, gothic, rococo and many more. On Old Town Square one of the most remarkable and emblematic symbols of Prague– the Old Town Hall with the Astronomic Clock – rises. The gothic church Mother of God before Týn and the baroque temple Saint Nikolay are some of the most impressive buildings on the square. At the Old Town Square you can also see the Memorial of Jan Hus – the national hero of Czech Republic.

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Besides the historical attractions, the square is also filled in with lots of cafes, shops and restaurants. Here it’s always lively and there are plenty of curious things to see and do. If you, on the other side, climb to the top of the 60-meter tower that’s part of the Old Town Hall, you will enjoy the amazing view of the whole square and the lovely city of Prague.

When is the best time for a visit of Old Town Square?

Whenever you visit Old Town Square, you will not make a mistake, but the liveliest and happiest time of the year here is the Christmas time, when the Christmas Prague Fest takes place. It starts from the early December days and continues up to January. Apart from the tasty sweet things, the mulled wine and the handmade souvenirs, you can also see the big Christmas tree, the local decoration and many live musical performances. The other great period for a visit of Old Town Square is the Easter Fest, when the place is filled in with colors from the spring fresh flowers.

What are the things that are must to be seen on Old Town Square?

  • Prague Clock – it is the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world and it’s at least 600 years old. The clock doesn’t just show the time correctly, but also shows the positions of the sun, the moon, the planets and the situation of the astrological signs. Moreover – at every hour you can see the “The walk of the apostles” when their twelve figures start moving around.
  • Mother of God before Týn Church – the most impressive part about is the two twin towers that are high about 80 meters each. The chapel is located in front of the walls of the trade yard from where the unusual name of the building actually comes. Mother of God before Týn was built back in the 14th century in a typical gothic style.

The inner and the outer decoration of the church is extremely impressive mostly with its details. You can enter for free.

  • Saint Nikolay Church – it was built back in the 18th century and it’s a total masterpiece of the baroque art. The draw paintings and the interior decoration will take your breath away. If you look above you will see an amazing cupola that rises up to 50 meters of height.
  • Jan Hus Memorial – finished in the 1915th year on the occasion of the 500th year after the death of the Czech national hero. Jan Hus used to be a religious reformer, but, perished on the stake because of its faith.

Take a look around carefully, because right at the square the place of the execution of the 27 Czech lords from the 1621st year, as well as the Prague meridian are indicated, too.

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