Seine Tours

Do you want to see Paris the best way ever? Then, on mandatory, choose a tour around Siena by boat. You’ll be able to enjoy by water the most popular local attractions like the Eiffel tower, the Notre Dam Cathedral and the Louvre in a very unique way. Feel the spirit of Paris and find out why people call it the city of lights. Just run down the river and enjoy one different and very romantic experience.

The Siena river cruises are suitable for people who have enough time to see the most beautiful spots in Paris, but also to those, who just love enjoying the sense of an adventure.

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What should we know before a tour on Seine?

  • Usually the cruises start at the Eiffel Tower and to be more specific, at Port de la Bourdonnais or at Port de la Conference
  • The cruise boats turn at the Sully which is located nearby Jardin Des Plantes and then, go back to the tower
  • If you purchase your ticket online, you will avoid waiting on the queue
  • The cruises are with audio guides in 14 different languages, including English
  • During noon and evening cruises you can enjoy exquisite French culinary specialties. You will be served a starter, meal and dessert
  • If you have a Siena cruise ticket, you can enjoy a free ride on a bicycle to see the city on wheels

Benefits of a walk around Siena by boat

  • You will avoid the busy traffic in the city, as well as the giant crowds in the subway
  • You will get some unique perspective to the top popular attractions in the city with one single cruise
  • You can choose where to get off and what to see
  • You can make wonderful photographs in Paris from a different aspect
  • It’s suitable even if you have seasickness as sailing across the river does not cause the typical swinging on the boat, which you know from traveling by ship in the sea

How and where from to get on a boat?

Go to any cash-desk around Siena. There should be a notice Batobus on the desk. Select a specific type of ticket and get on the next boat. Usually, they move in an interval between 25 and 40 minutes depending on the season. If you don’t wait on the queue for a ticket, though, you should better get one through internet.

Select any comfy seat and just enjoy the view! On mandatory get your camera set on as you will definitely want to keep these moments forever in photographs, because you will pass by amazing scenery. You can stay on the boat till the end of the cruise time or get off at any station you prefer: Champs-Élysées, the station of Louvre (between the King’s bridge and Carousel bridge), the City Hall, the Eiffel Tower, Museum the Orsay, Saint Germain de Paris, Cathedral De Notre dame de Paris, Jardin des Plantes / The city of fashion, the Bridge of Alexander the Third / Invalides.

Types of cruises on Seine

  • Cruise with sightseeing – includes two-side tour with audio guide that tells you the story of the top popular local attractions
  • Cruise with sightseeing and additional extras – there might be a lunch or dinner with three-course French menu, a glass of wine or champagne, live music or audio guide to make your tour even more pleasant

Types of tickets

  • Day cruise with sightseeing – lasts 1 hour. You get audio guide. The ticket is valid between 10 and 22 o’clock and 6 months after purchasing it
  • Night cruise with sightseeing – the ticket is valid at any time you want and 6 months after its purchase
  • Cruise with dinner and live music performance – includes an exquisite dinner with a 3-meal course cooked according to the highest French culinary standards. Besides, you will be able to enjoy live music performance on piano and violin while enjoying the attractions.
  • Cruise with early dinner and wine – includes delicious French dinner with wine and champagne
  • Cruise with late dinner and champagne – there’s no need to worry you will be called as the boats are preliminary heated
  • First-class evening cruise – you will enjoy all the extras for 2.5 hours
  • Lunch cruise with music and audio comment – you get 3-meal course lunch made with the best seasonal products and in a combo with live music performance and audio comment
  • Seine cruise + the Eiffel Tower – includes direct entrance to the second floor of the tower via the elevator, as well as a tour on Seine
  • Combo: cruise on Seine + the Eiffel tower – two direct entrances to the top of the tower and the possibility to see the top attractions of the city by boat on Seine
  • 1- or 2-day tickets – select the one that suits your sightseeing tempo at most. Get on and off the boat anywhere you want and you believe is convenient place for your tour around the city.

Some of the cruises might be free of charge if you have Paris Pass.


The boats for Seine tours are accessible for wheelchairs. It’s allowed to get on with a guide dog, too.

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