Moulin Rouge

If you want to experience the real Parisian nightlife, you should definitely visit the most popular cabaret in the world – the Moulin Rouge! “The red windmill” was established back in 1889th year and till today it has continued attracting visitors with its spectacular live performances. The night club is situated in the 18th district of Paris, right next to the popular red light area. By the way, the origin of the emblematic can-can dance, which used to be not one single artist’s source of inspiration within the years, is here, in Moulin Rouge. The cabaret was named The First Palace of Women, because on its scene some of the most beautiful women from all around the world have been still performing.

The man who has turn Moulin Rouge in a real cabaret, is the ballet master and choreography teacher, Doris Hugo. In 1957th year she has created the dancing team called Doris Girls, popular for their amazing and spectacular live performances. These girls’ successors, as a matter of fact, continue dancing in the night club where many popular singers like Edit Piaf, Jean Gabin, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Elton John have sang. These days, Moulin Rouge has been still one of the symbol of the first-class scenic art. More than 600 000 people per year visit Moulin Rouge to see the cabaret performances.

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What to see?

The current live show in Moulin Rouge is called Fairy. It’s performed by a company of 80 artists, including 60 of the best female dancers from all around the world. They literally charm the audience not only with graceful movements, but also with more than 1 000 different posh costumes that have been made by some of the most famous Parisian workshops. Sequins, shades and lights – all of these come into one amazing show that’s accompanied by more than 80 musicians and a choir formed of 60 people in total.

Stage 1

Moulin Rouge today and yesterday

When you see the theatric curtains raised, the whole company of artists will immediately appear on the stage right in front of all those amazed looks in the audience, which appeared on Moulin Rouge garden to discover this place’s wonderful and magical atmosphere. It’s where the magic that Doris Girls bring starts showing you a whole new world with music, dancing and theatre.

Stage 2

The pirates

What adventures can a pirate experience on a boat that’s moored in Indonesia? Dreams? Or maybe, the perfect woman’s love? Well, this performance will meet you with priestesses, carry you to temples, show you treasures and involve you in Sandakan’s adventures. All of these is available for you in the typical for Moulin Rouge glamorous style!

Stage 3

In the circus

The circus comes to the city with its big group of clowns, Siam twins, acrobats, jugglers, weird wild animals and six mini ponies. The Doris Girls will make you a real present – to experience one totally amazing feats for your senses.

Stage 4

Moulin Rouge since 1900 till…

This live performance is devoted to the honor of the Parisian woman – mysterious, sensual, different during each epoch. The culmination of the show is when the Doris Girls come on the stage to dance the world-wide known can-can dance!

Stage 5

International performances

Discover extraordinary international performances on the legendary stage of Moulin Rouge! They are funny or dynamic, but always surprising! Jugglers, acrobats and other interesting artists will definitely bring you to a completely unknown, but fantastic world.

What should we know before visiting Moulin Rouge?

  • It’s not allowed to make photos or videos during a show. If you do it, you will be asked to leave or delete the material.
  • To visit Moulin Rouge you should be dressed up formally. The flip-flops, shorts, sports clothes or shoes are totally forbidden.
  • You should arrive at Moulin Rouge at least 30 minutes before the start of the performance
  • It’s not allowed to smoke inside Moulin Rouge
  • Except for watching any of the available performances, you can also have a dinner at Moulin Rouge. The food here is first-class.
  • If you are a couple, there’s a big chance for you to be accommodated on a table with other people
  • Children under 6-years old are not allowed in Moulin Rouge
  • The area around the cabaret is not very safe, especially at nights, which is why please, be careful enough

Ticket types

  • Moulin Rouge show – it’s a ticket only for a show – you may watch it early at 21:00 or later, at 23:00 o’clock
  • Moulin Rouge show + champagne – a ticket for a show + half of a champagne bottle
  • Moulin Rouge show + dinner – you can select the menu while you book the show ticket
  • Moulin Rouge + transportation and / or dinner – there are agencies that offer transportation from their offices to Moulin Rouge and then, transfer you back to your hotel where you are accommodated
  • VIP ticket for the show + champagne – you get a seat on the terrace, free wardrobe space, half of champagne bottle, dessert and a souvenir gift
  • VIP ticket for the show + dinner – the same bonuses from the previous ticket + 3- or 4-course dinner menu
  • You can get a combo ticket for Moulin Rouge + other attraction in Paris


There are ticket discounts for children under 12 years old.

Moulin Rouge provides hearing-aids to people with damaged hearing. They can also download a free of charge app – Sennheiser Mobile Connect and to adapt the audio signal according to their needs.

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