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The true and meaningful excursion to Amsterdam cannot be complete without a cruise through the local canals. The boat trip is a great option to see the most interesting places, have fun with your kids and give yourself a romantic evening. Check out the different types of cruises you be a part of and the practical tips for the exciting experience.

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What do you need to know before booking a cruise on the Amsterdam canals?

  • Some of the most common places to get on a cruise ship are Stadhouderskade №501, which is the right opposite of the Hard Rock Cafe and Stadhouderskade №550, which is across the street from the Heineken Experience.
  • You are not allowed to bring food or drinks on the board of the cruise ships and boats.
  • The possibility to feel a “seasickness” is small. The boats sail mostly in the central part of Amsterdam, where the waters are very calm.
  • There are uncovered boats for the tourist trips in the summer, while during the rest of the year the vessels are covered. There is heating onboard in the cold winter months.
  • Pets are not allowed, except guide dogs.
  • Passengers can also board the cruise boats on wheelchairs.

Ticket types

  • Standard ticket
  • Children – for kids between 5 and 12 years
  • Family ticket – for two adults and two children
  • Group ticket
  • Free – for children under 4 years

Types of cruises

  • City Channel Cruise – Luxury channel boats are always ready to take you through the numerous Amsterdam canals. They will sail you past the beautiful 17th-century houses and the modern urban area. This is a nice way to get closer to the atmosphere of the city. Also, for each children’s ticket, you get a gamebook, which comes with an additional audio story. The cruise duration is 75 minutes. The audio guide is available in 21 languages, including English.
  • Kids Cruise – This a way for your children to feel like real freshwater pirates. They will receive binoculars and other interesting pirate attributes, which can make the cruise even more entertaining for them. Duration: 75 minutes. The audio guide is available in 21 languages.
  • Uncovered Small Boat Cruise – This is a very popular way to view Amsterdam in the summer and get closer to the lives of the locals. Since the boat is uncovered, nothing will stop you from enjoying the views, and make good pictures of the city. The cruise can take you to places in the city that are inaccessible for larger vessels. Also, the trip is accompanied by a real guide that will tell you many interesting things about the city. The discourse is conducted in English. Duration: 75 minutes.
  • Burger & Hotdog Cruise – There is no better way to explore the city on a cruise through the local channels, while getting a delicious burger, hotdog, and drink in hand. A children’s menu is also available on board, so the whole family can join in. You will sail by some of the most popular attractions as you take some tasty bites. You can rely on an audio guide during your 90-minute journey.
  • Evening Cruise – The lights, highlighting hundreds of bridges and iconic buildings along the canals, will make this cruise magical. Explore Amsterdam by night from a luxury boat. You can learn a lot of interesting things about the history of the city from an audio guide. You can even enjoy the views with a drink in your hand.
  • Dinner cruise – It will make you experience a remarkably tasty and sophisticated adventure while sailing through the illuminated Amsterdam canals. The luxury boat dinner cruise lasts 2.5 hours, during which the chef on board will offer you 4 exquisite meals. This is appealing to the admirers of culinary tourism. Besides, there is an unlimited amount of wine, beer, and soft drinks, that will make the evening even more enjoyable.
  • Hop On – Hop Off Boats – The Hop On – Hop Off boats are a pleasant and peaceful way to sail through the canals and see all the best views of Amsterdam. You can explore unique palaces, museums, bridges and more. The vessels operate on the principle of the popular tourist buses. The boats sail regularly and there are many stops that you can get off or get on to continue your journey. They are placed close to landmarks, shopping districts, and tourist attractions. You can rely on an audio guide. The ticket for this cruise is valid for 24 hours.


The boats for Seine tours are accessible for wheelchairs. It’s allowed to get on with a guide dog, too.

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