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Park Güell

Park Güell is located in the northern part of Barcelona, to be more specific, right in the quite popular district of Gracia. With a total square of 15 hectares and incredible architecture, this beautiful and spacious garden is one of the top visited attractions in the Spanish city. And to tell you the truth, there are plenty of reasons why this statement has been a fact for ages…

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Park Güell – background history and curious facts

In 1900 year Eusbei Güell assigned a special task to the famous architecture Antoni Gaudi – to build a housing estate suitable for rich families. Güell’s idea was a recreation of the English residential park. It’s actually where the availability of “park” word in this garden is from.

It had been expected for the residential complex to contain 60 luxurious houses placed on the preliminarily isolated estates with triangle shapes.

The first estate, by the way, was bought by the lawyer Marti Trias I Domenech, who used to be Güell’s close friend. The lawyer assigned his house project to an architect named Juli Batbvell. This house, as a matter fact, is still there, but it isn’t opened for public visits. So let’s go back to the time the house was built…Where were we? Yes, the whole construction of the famous lawyer’s residential project. Well, during the work, the builder actually made one more house next to Domenech’s estate. Later, this second house got occupied by Antoni Gauide, himself and these days, it is known as Gaudi’s house museum. The building is designed by Gauidi’s right hand – Francesc d’Ass?s Berenguer I Mestres.

The lack of potential buyers, though, had led to sudden suspension of the constructions and the park turn into the biggest private garden where public events were arranged on a regular basis.

Right after Güell’s death the park was sold to the state council. Thus, after 1922 year it has become into one of the top favorite attractions in Barcelona.

In 1984 year Park Güell has been even included in UNESCO heritage list.

What can you see in Park Güell?

The entrance and the door-keeper’s houses

The central entrance for the park is located in the southern part of the estate. Right at the left side the door-keeper’s box is placed and it’s act6ually where today’s souvenir shop and bookstore are located. At the right side of the entrance you can see Casa del Guarda door-keeper’s house. It’s opened for public visits and the entrance fee is always included in the total park entrance price. The only inconvenience you can meet is waiting on a queue, which is something you cannot avoid, by the way.

The dragon’s staircase

Some people, as a matter of fact, call it salamander, but not a dragon. However, in all cases you can find it right in front of the entrance, which can take you to Sala Hipostila and the dragon, itself. The sculpture is fully covered with mosaic, so, please, for anything in the world do not forget to have a selfie here.

Sala Hipostila

Once you take the monumental stairs up to Sala Hipostila you will meet the most special view of this part of the park. It’s a curious fact that Sala Hipostila used to be a market place located on the square and covered with a large rooftop. The rooftop used to be hold by 86 columns, while the ceiling was made of small domes decorated with mosaics made by Josep Maria Jujol.

Placa de la Natura Greek Theater

Right above Sala Hipostila the green theater, mostly known by the name of Placa de la Natura, is located. It’s a big square from where an amazing view to the entire city fascinates you at once. The theater is surrounded by wavy benches that are beautified with mosaics (again, made by Josep Maria Jujol, who’s also very close and helpful with Gaudi’s projects)

Casa Larrad

Right at the east side from the Green Theater you can find Casa Larrad gardens. Speaking of them, it’s curious to know that when Güell bought the housing estate there had been one existing big house in it – the Casa Larrad house. It’s the house Güell decided to live in. After the park purchase by the state council, Casa Larrad was turn into a state school building.

The Austrian garden

It’s called Austrian, because this garden is planted with lots of trees donated by Austrian government back in 1977 year. You get an awesome view to Marti Trais Domenech lawyer’s and Gaudi’s houses from here.

Please, have in mind that Park Güell ticket does not include a visit to Gaudi’s house museum. If you, though, want to visit it, you will be additionally charged.

Free area

The free area is nearly 90% of the entire park space. Although it’s free, don’t underestimate it as there are lots of amazing things you can see and do, including only to relax with a fantastic city view in front of you. In addition to these, the free area meets you with unique natural and cultural masterpieces, plus – you can easily find some hidden spot for recreation, as well as spaces for a picnic and as to the youngest visitors, there are plenty of kid’s playgrounds for them.

What should we know about Park Güell Tour?

Arrange your visit in advance

Note that you can experience most of the park space 100% for free, but as to its main area, it hides some interesting attractions and an entrance fee to pay. More than 200 people at once and per 30 minutes are not allowed to visit this limited park area.

To guarantee yourself an access to the limited area and to avoid waiting too much time on the cash-desk queues, it’s good idea to preliminary buy a Park Güell ticket in internet.

  • Please, note that you have only 30 minutes to enter the limited area starting from the correct entrance time signed in the ticket
  • Once you enter the park you will have limitless time for a walk within the working time of the attraction
  • The last chance to enter the park is an hour before the end of the working time, so if you want to have more time for sightseeing, better get a ticket with earlier entrance time
  • If you come to the park before the ticket entrance time, you can start your visit from the free area.
  • You can get a free park map right at the entrance of the attraction. The map is a great alternative to stick to in case you want to avoid missing anything amazing here.
  • Once you enter the park you will have an access to free Wi Fi internet connection, as well as the chance to download the free Park Güell app where you can find some good ideas for a visit tours and routes to follow.
  • It’s possible to visit the park with a tourist guide
  • Park Güell is suitable for visits with kids
  • Pets are allowed only on a lead

Types of a visit

  • Standard visit which gives you an access to the park and to Casa del Guarda
  • A visit with a tour guide that includes 50-minute tour with a guide right after which you are free to remain in the park as long as you wish. Please, note that you can have the tour guide in Catalonian, Spanish, English and French.
  • A private visit with a tour guide – possible for minimum 2 people and maximum for 5 visitors. A preliminary booking process is a must.

Group visits

Güell Park offers an arrangement of group visits for groups formed of 10 to 70 people. If you are keen on this idea, you should register on the official website of the attraction and then to book a group visit.


  • The children ticket (up to 6 years old) is free
  • Children from 7 to 12 years old get discounts
  • Seniors over 65 years old also use discounts
  • Companions to people with disabilities are not charged


Due to the architectural specifications in Park Güell, people with reduced movability might find some difficulties into moving along the area. There are, though, specially adapted routes for them.

Park Güell provides two wheelchairs and if needed, you can make an order for such at this e-mail address:

Working time

Check out Güell Park working time.


  • Güell Bus

If you have an etrance ticket, you can use the free transfer with Güell bus that will take you directly to the park area. Güell Bus departs from Alfons X (U-Bahn L4 and Bus) metro station and the whole way takes nearly 15 minutes. Your ticket also includes transportation fee for a travel back to the same metro station with Güell Bus.

  • Subway

L3 (green line) to Lesseps station or to Vallacarca station. Both of these stations are about 20 minutes on foot away.

  • Tourist bus

Take the green or the blue line and get off at Park Güell station that’s about 10 minutes away on foot.


Carrer d’Olot, 5
08024 Barcelona, Spain
Tel.: (+34 ) 934 09 18 31

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