Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles was made during 17th century. It’s placed in the city of Versailles, which is now a Parisian suburb. The palace was at first a shooting lodge owned by Luis XIII, but later it became Luis’ XIV royal court.

Since 19th century Palace of Versailles has been the Museum of French history by Luis Philip Ling. Today, it spreads around 800 hectares and it accommodates more than 600 000 pieces of art. Plus – Palace of Versailles is listed in UNESCO’s world heritage set of cultural monuments.

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What to see?

The Palace 

Inside the palace you will learn more about French history within the period from The Middle Age to the end of 19th century. The collection mainly includes sculptures and paintings. Find out now which the most impressive rooms in the palace are now:

  • The Hall of Mirrors – This is the most popular room in Palace of Versailles. It was built by the will of Luis XIV. The room is 73 meters long and it honors the political, economic and artistic achievements in France. Inside the room there are 357 mirrors that embrace the 17 arches placed right in front of the windows. The entire ceiling is covered by wall paintings devoted to the Sun King. Here, by the way, the Versailles contract was signed as an end of the World War I.
  • The War Salon – The walls are covered with marble panels that are decorated with trophies and weapons in gold-plated bronze. What is truly impressive in this salon is the painting of Bellona, the war goddess.
  • The Peace Salon – Its style reminds of the War Salon, excluding the dome and the arches that are adorned with motives showing the benefits of peace established by France for the entire European continent.
  • The conservatory – placed right under the palace. Here you can see lemon, orange and palm trees that are older than 200 years old.

The Grand Trianon

It was made in 1687th year and represents a small palace made from pink marble and surrounded by fascinating gardens. The beautiful sculptures supplement the aristocratic environment of the palace, which was by the way, inhabited by Luis XIV. Both of the wings are connected with a charming perstyle (an inner yard that’s enclosed with covered colonies)

The Petit Trianon

It used to be Maria-Antoinette’s favorite place. The palace impresses with its simple and neo-classical architecture mixed with Rococo style. The entire building is embraced by wonderful gardens.

The Royal Stables

These are the biggest royal stables that have ever been made. They are placed right in front of Palace of Versailles, which shows the important role of the noble animals during the epoch.

Palace of Versailles Gardens

They will definitely charm you with ideally maintained alleys, lakes and small forests. The fountains with dragons, animals, gods and various different fine shapes make this place an amazing architecture masterpiece. Sometimes, they serve the role of scenes for massive musical performances. You need, though, to spend at least 2 hours to see them at a full value.

Shops in Palace of Versailles:

  • Laduree – exquisite French macaroons, gourmet food and accessories
  • La Librairie des Princes – the bookstore for art lovers
  • The Comptoir de la Chapelle – guides for the palace and elegant souvenirs
  • The King’s Cabinet of Medals – interesting place for all numismatists
  • The Gardens shop – shops for books, office supplies and leather products, as well as souvenirs and garden equipment
  • La Boutique Cour de Marble – boutique for objects made under the inspiration for Palace of Versailles, as well as pieces of jewelry, perfumes, t-shirts and even kid’s books
  • Angelina-Versailles – cakes, teas and chocolate drinks

Restaurants in Palace of Versailles

  • La Flottille – traditional French cuisine
  • La petite Venise – Italian cuisine, a place that’s suitable for kids, too
  • Grand Cade d’Orleans – fast food, sandwiches, deserts and coffee
  • Gourmandises de la Petite Venise – handmade ice-cream
  • Brasserie de la Girandole – salads, pizzas, pancakes on the go
  • Ore – a café in a French style
  • Picnic – you can also have your own picnic in the lowland of Saint Antony, which is located between Palace of Versailles and both Trianon palaces, as well as right by the lake on the Swiss Guards.

What should I know before visiting Palace of Versailles?

  • It’s better to arrive at the palace at 9 o’clock in the morning
  • If you buy a ticket online, you can enter through Entrance A without waiting on the long queues
  • Wear comfy shoes, because you will walk here on feet a lot
  • Each building of Palace of Versailles is with different working time. Check it out in advance
  • The access to the gardens of Palace of Versailles is free of charge excluding the days within music shows on the fountains are arranged
  • If you don’t want to wait on the long queues for audio guide, you can use this free mobile app with the same purpose
  • Spend at least a day to see Palace of Versailles at a full value
  • In each room within Palace of Versailles you are allowed to make photos but without flash light. Selfie sticks are not allowed.
  • If you find a guide, you can visit rooms, which are usually closed
  • You cannot enter the palace with big bags, suitcases or a baby stroller.
  • Be aware of pickpockets inside and outside the palace.

Types of tickets:

  • One-day ticket – access to the palace + audio guide, the Trianon palaces, the temporary exhibitions, the musical fountains and the musical gardens, as well as the Gallery with carriages.
  • Two-day ticket – the same access the One-day ticket offers, but you have it for 48 hours.
  • Two-day ticket + horse show “La voie de l’ecuyer”
  • Ticket for the palace – access for the palace, the temporary exhibitions, the Gallery of the trainers, the gardens (excluding the days where there are Musical fountain shows or Musical garden shows), the park and the Gallery of the carriages
  • Ticket for the Trianon palaces – an access to both of the palaces, the temporary exhibitions in Trianon area, the gardens (excluding the musical gardens), the park and the Gallery of the carriages
  • Ticket for the musical garden – an access only to the musical show during the day
  • Ticket for the musical fountains – access only to the musical shows arranged in the fountains of Palace of Versailles within the day
  • Ticket for the night fountain show
  • Ticket for the palace + Tour of the horse academy in Palace of Versailles
  • Card “An year in Versailles”– limited access to the entire Palace of Versailles with possibility for quick entrance and lots of discounts

Palace of Versailles tours

  • If you want professional guide, you will be extra charged for the service
  • In this case, the service is free of charge for kids under 10 years old, as well as for the companions of visitors with disabilities
  • For group visits the prices might be lower, but it’s necessary to book one in advance
  • One group tour with a guide lasts an hour and a half
  • You can also book a boat, bike, small electro mobile, segway or to see the entire attraction from a small tourist train

Who can enter for free Palace of Versailles?

  • People under 18 years old
  • Citizens of EU under 26 years old
  • Teaches from French schools
  • People with disabilities + companion per person
  • When there’s a musical show in the gardens, the access is free only for kids between 0 and 5 years old

NOTE: You should bring the necessary documents which valid the fact that you are in any of the groups with people who are allowed to enter Palace of Versailles for free.

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