Budapest will impress you with its rich architectural and historical heritage. You will adore the city’s majestic nature and an unmatched combination of culture, exquisite cuisine, and thermal baths. Check out some of the most helpful tips that will make your visit even easier and more enjoyable.

See Top Attractions in Budapest

The City

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and its most populated city. It consists of two historic cities, located on both banks of the Danube – Buddha, and Pest. They united in 1873 to form the new Hungarian metropolitan. The Pest town occupies about 2/3 of the Budapest area. It is the commercial part located on the east bank of the Danube. The Buddha and Obuda towns are on the west bank of the river. You can see there the famous Royal Palace and Gellert Hill.

  • Area – 525.2 km²
  • Population – 1,779,361 people
  • Tourist Attendance – 4 million people
  • Official language – Hungarian
  • Airport – Ferenc Liszt Airport

When Is the Right Time To Visit Budapest?

The summer in Budapest is warm and the winter is very cold and rainy. The rains are most characteristic of spring. The best time to visit the Hungarian capital is from late May to mid-September.

  • Minimum Temperatures – about -11 ° C
  • Maximum Temperatures – about 33 ° C
  • The Hottest Months – June, July and August
  • The Coldest Months – January and February
  • Chances of Precipitation – May, and June


Public Transport

  • Metro – The metro network is very well developed. It has four different lines. The Metro remains the fastest and easiest way to get around the City and to explore its attractions.
  • Buses – There are over 200 different bus routes available across the City. The transport network offers also express lines in some parts of Budapest. They are very convenient and much faster than other options.
  • Trams – Yellow trams are emblematic part of the cityscape, and their network is extremely well developed. There are trams №4 and №6, which pass along the famous Grand Boulevard. They provide the most frequent service. By choosing the tramlines №1 and №3 you will get easily from one end of town to the other without having to transfer on another vehicle.

Tip: The tramline №2 that runs along the Danube is one of the top 10 of most beautiful tram routes in the world.

  • Trains – HÉV lines connect the suburbs to the center. They are suitable if you want to travel out of the City.

Rental Car

It is an extremely convenient way of getting around the city. The rental car option is also much more accessible than in other European capitals. Of course, the cheapest option is public transport, but a rental car is a convenience you can afford, especially if you have to travel long distances.

Coach Buses

Do you want to visit the most interesting places in Budapest and learn more about them? Then choose a 1, 2 or 3-day ticket that will allow you to get on and off wherever and whenever you want. You can also rely on an audio guide or travel guide. Choose your tourist route and explore the Hungarian capital!

Bicycles for Rent

You can also cycle around the city if you wish. There is over 200 km of bike lanes in Budapest. The notorious Road №6, which is a part of the Euro Velo international cycling route, goes through the City. There are plenty of other bike lanes in the City. The most enjoyable places for cycling are the Budapest parks. You can also take a guided bike tour and learn interesting facts about the City.


The taxis in Budapest are in yellow. All the companies are required to use the same rate, which is about Euro cents 0,75/ km. This makes their services much more affordable than in other European cities. You can easily hire a cab if you are in a hurry or feel tired of walking.

Tip: Check out the actual taxi fare before you go to Budapest.


In the beginning, I have to warn you that the traditional Hungarian cuisine has a quite heavy taste. It is because of the harsh winters in the country. However, I recommend you to try it. The more traditional bite you can find at every corner food place is the local Lagos. Usually, it is served with grated yellow cheese and sour cream. If you are looking for an affordable lunch spot, and you do not mind if it has self-catering services, visit the Belvárosi Disznótoros. You will surely have a good meal there. If you want to explore a slightly more sophisticated place, go to the Most Restaurant. To see where the locals dine, you can visit the Kispiac Biztro. It is a great place to meet and chat with native Budapestians. The restaurant offers large portions to justify any culinary taste and desire. Keep in mind, it houses only available 20 places, so you should better hurry and book yours. To try a real Hungarian goulash, visit the Fakanál Restaurant.

There are 26 Michelin-starred restaurants in Budapest. Three of them can be proud to receive the full mark of three stars. These are the Costes, which offers excellent dishes combined with first-class wine; the Baraka – restaurant for connoisseurs of more extravagant tastes and the Arany Kaviár with its French, Russian and Hungarian influences, and every dish there is a masterpiece.


Situated on both banks of the Danube River, Budapest has wonderful bridges that are worth to visit. You can enjoy the amazing views of the City, while on them. Of course, you can also take a panoramic boat tour on the river. The City is full of hot mineral springs, so you can indulge in their healing power. One of the most popular places to visit is Secheny Bath. If you are hungry, visit the local markets and make sure to try all the local delicacies. Take a night tour in the City and feel the unique atmosphere of its modern bars and outdoor clubs.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Today, the old buildings of the Socialist era house some of the most modern nightclubs and discos in Budapest. One of the most visited places, especially in the summer, is the Aquarium Club. It is famous not only because of its central location but due to the diverse music halls. You can visit the notorious Corvin Club on the roof of an old Soviet bloc. It is an attractive hub for all electronic music fans. The Doboz is one of the more modern places that provide crowded outdoor parties during the warm months. Have you been to a parking lot turned into a nightclub? Precisely, such a place is the Racskert. The nightclub amazes with its graffiti on the walls and nice cocktails. It offers delicious food to eat with your fingers. All of this comes at a super affordable price. It is so cool, right? How about a party in hot thermal springs? Then, welcome to the famous Sechani Bath! The place offers access to hot water springs. It is full of shiny lights, provides great music shows, and has many young visitors. For sure, this can be one of the most memorable party nights of your life!

Top Attractions in Budapest:

Heroe’s Square
Szechenyi Chain Bridge
Budapest Parliament
Fisherman’s Bastion
Buda Castle
St. Stephen’s Basilica
Great Synagogue
Saint Matthias Church
Szechenyi Bath
Gellert Thermal Bath
Central Market Hall