Havel’s Market

Did you know that the markets are the places, where you can dive into any city’s local atmosphere at a full value and in the best way? They are full of colours, aromas and they all show you the cultural specifications of the regions they are placed. That’s what one of the oldest markets in Prague – Havel’s Market – is! Havel’s Market was created back in the 1232nd year on the Havel Street in the Old Town, where currently the shops and the stands have been still situated.

Primarily, only fruits and veggies were sold here, but within the time, the market expanded, changed and currently at this moment, it’s mainly focused to satisfy the tourists’ needs. Here you can find a wilderness of different souvenirs, postcards, paintings, toys and some of them are even handmade. Part of the shops offer Czech jewelries made of glass and beautifully decorated boxes at affordable prices. Don’t miss the chance to try the different types of the local chocolate candies, too! They are just unique.

Havel’s Market is lively during the whole day and is full with both: locals that shop for home and lots of curious tourists. Take a walk along the cobblestone streets of this spirited market and let your senses enjoy the views they can admire. When you get tired of shopping, you can sit on any of the available benches to give pleasure to yourself while looking at the noisy crowd of people.

One of the best things of this market is that here the prices are quite lower from the standard prices in Prague. Here you can have a bite and shop without any notable budget collapses. Besides, most of the sellers are friendly and kind. They will help you choose what you really need and there will be always someone around who speaks fine English. Dive into a great experience of shopping and meanwhile, meet another side of Prague.

Here are some practical tips for faultless visit of Havel’s Market:

  • Note that the market doesn’t work on Sunday
  • Be careful and select the stands with fruits and veggies carefully if you are going to shop such things. Sometimes, the prices are announced per 100-200 grams instead of rate per kilo, which will harden you to orient whether the rate is affordable for you. These stands are mainly the stands that sell the products at a higher price and the tactic we have mentioned to you is a very easy trick to show the higher rate.
  • There’s tap water on the market where you can wash your fresh fruits and vegetables that you have just bought to taste them immediately
  • In December an amazing Christmas market is arranged
  • Have cash (Czech crones) as most of the stores don’t accept payments with credit or debit cards

Have a fantastic time in Havel’s Market!

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