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Saint Matthias Church

Saint Matthias Church in Budapest is quite different from any other church you can still see preserved from the middle ages. This church served various functions through the years. It used to be redesigned lots of times and as a result of this today, it has become a unique piece of art. Saint Matthias Church was used for a coronation place where the Hungarian kings came to the throne, but, meanwhile, for more than 150 years if was also a mosque, as well as owned by the Jesuits and the Franciscans. Currently, Saint Matthias Church is a prospering Catholic temple where concerts are even arranged once in a while. The temple is located close to Buda Castle. Every single year Saint Matthias Church is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The façade of Saint Matthias Church is made in a gothic style. Entering the building, though, you will immediately stun by the variety of colors, wall paintings, the glaze drawings, the arches, the wood-carving lots of other decorative details.

Officially, the temple is named in an honor to Virgin Mary, but the locals call it Saint Matthias. The first building that was constructed on this place dates from the 13th century. As many other churches built during this time, Saint Matthias Church was also destroyed and rebuilt over and over again through the years. The name of Saint Matthias Church comes from King Matthias Corvinus, the Fair, who back in the 15th century expand and reorganize the temple in a gothic style by adding the south, the highest, tower, called Matthias bell tower.

In the beginning of the 19th century the church was finally restored in a neo-gothic style by Frigyes Schulek (between 1873rd and 1896th year). Schulek did not only renovate the building, but also turned it into a real masterpiece standing out on the hill of the Buda Castle and surrounded by the Fishermen’s bastion, the historical square of the Saint Trinity and the 5-star hotel Hilton.

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What on mandatory to see in Saint Matthias Church?

  • The bell tower – the tallest part of the church (60 meters)
  • Bela tower
  • Main altar
  • Saint Laszlo Chapel
  • Saint Stephan Chapel
  • The royal staircase
  • The vault of King Bell, the third
  • The Crypt
  • The Museum of the church art

What should I know before a visit of Saint Matthias Church?

  • Check out the working time before visiting the church. Please, have in mind that Saint Matthias Church might not work due performance of religious ceremonies inside.
  • If you want to take the benefits of the provided guide tour services, you should book one in advance.
  • You should be dressed up appropriately in the church – your shoulders and knees must be covered. It’s not allowed to have a cap or hat inside Saint Matthias Church.
  • Making photographs, including with flash function, is allowed. The flash option is not forbidden only inside the exhibition halls.


If you want to see the church from the inside, you should at first purchase a ticket. It’s, by the way, valid for the Museum of the church art, too. The museum is situated in the Crypt of Saint Matthias Church.

In addition to these, there’s a separated ticket for the Bell tower, which shows you an amazing view of Budapest, as well as for concerts that are regularly arranged in the church.


There are discounts for kids, school boys and girls, as well as for students, pensioners and families.

Guide tours

The guide tours in the church are arranged in English language. The duration is 45 minutes and they are organized only within the working time of the church. The maximum number of people per group is limited to 15.

You can combine your visit of Saint Matthias Church with a visit of Buda Castle:

  • Buda Castle and Saint Matthias Church – 2.5-hour pedestrian tour both: the church and the castle. There’s a compliment included in this tour: a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. The tour is arranged in English language.
  • Private tour of the castle – 2.5-hour tour of the castle, a visit of Saint Matthias Church, the Fishermen’s bastion and the historical squares of Budapest. There’s some treating included in this tour, too – a cup of coffee and a dessert.


The church is accessible for people with disabilities and visitors in wheelchairs.

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