Disneyland Resort Paris

Disneyland Resort Paris is the most massive and popular amusement park among Europe. In its central side you will find two thematic parks – Disney Park and Walt Disney Studios, while just a few steps around them the hotels of Disney, Disney Village, golf playground and Val d’Europe are allocated. Nearby, you can also visit the villages Val de France and Villages Nature.

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Disney Village

The village is about 20 000 square meter and placed between the hotel area and the two amusement parks. It’s popular with the fact that it offers many attractions, bars, restaurants and stores that work up to late night. Once the amusement parks close due to the official working time, most of the visitors go directly to Disney Village. However, besides the visitors in Disney resort, many people from the suburbs and the nearby cities also come here, which makes the whole village extremely crowded during the weekends.

Disney Hotels

Disney Hotels are located just round the corner of the parks. They are 7 in total and each offers different theme atmosphere and price list. We believe, every visitor can find the right place for accommodation among the 7 hotels whether you are looking for something special, or you need a budget-friendly alternative.

  • Hotel Disneyland – the only 5-star hotel among the 7 hotels. It’s placed right at the entrance of the park and has been popular basically for the luxury it offers.
  • Hotel New York – currently, it’s closed due to repairs. It’s expected for the hotel to be opened in 2020 year in New York Hotel style, the Art of Marvel, if we have to be more specific.
  • Disney’s Newport Bay Club – this 4-star hotel is located right next to the shore line of the lake. It’s popular as the most romantic one among all of Disney Hotels, plus – It’s very suitable for relaxation.
  • Disney’s Seqouia Lodge – a 3-star hotel that is placed right on the lake shore and among lots of trees (cedar, pine and sequoia). It reminds of those hotels that are usually placed in the national parks of North America.
  • Disney’s Hotel Chayenne – 2-star hotel decorated in Wild West style that offers lots of entertainment options for the kids.
  • Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe – it’s the cheapest Disney hotel with 2 stars and in different to the rest hotels it comes with a simpler style, which does not mean, though, that has no extras and good accommodation options to offer you.
  • Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch – the rancho has 2 stars. It is located 10 minutes away from the park, but by car. Placed in the forest Citry, the hotel offers you the real chance to be accommodated in your own wooden bungalow and to enjoy the surrounding virgin nature. Note that the hotel does not offer any transfers between the rancho and the parks, but there are lots of free parking spaces nearby. It’s also the only hotel in Disney, which allows you to come with your pet.

The standard rooms in Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch are made for maximum 4 people, which means one family pays only one-room price for accommodation.

Disney Hotels also have restaurants, specially tailored kid’s zones, nurseries, and sometimes, even swimming pools. In each of the hotels you can take the benefits of leaving your kids to professional nurseries and babysitters, too. On the other side, there’s free of charge transportation from each of the hotels to the amusement parks, excluding the hotel of Disneyland and Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch.

Val d’Europe

Val d’Europe is a planned city territory that is a part of Disneyland resort. This artificially made town has its own railway and station, which make Val d’Europe very easy to be accessed.

If you want to stay in Val d’Europe, there are plenty of options to do so – in a luxurious apartment, in a posh hotel or in a standard ordinary hotel.

Here is where you will also find the biggest shopping centre on Disney Resort territory. The centre accommodates lots of shops, a big supermarket, boutiques, and stores for gadgets, bars and amenities of all types you can think about.

Sea Life Aquarium is a beautiful seaside centre, where you can literally meet the amazing seaside world. It’s placed in the basement of Val d’Europe shopping centre zone.

La Vallee Outlet Shopping Village – here is where you will find more than 100 world-wide popular brands that offer clothing, accessories, shoes and many more. If you stay in any of Disney Hotels, you can take the free of charge bus to go directly to this store.

Golf playground

Disney’s golf playground works round the whole year and 7 days per week. It’s placed only a few kilometres away from the amusement parks and it’s also suitable for both: professional golf players and newbies in the field. If you don’t have any golf equipment , don’t worry, as in Disney’s gold playground you can find anything you need.

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