Hellbrunn Castle

Hellbrunn palace and garden
In 1613, Prince-Archbishop Markus Sitticus commissioned the construction of a fun castle. He wanted to create a place that has never existed before. So the castle and the vast Hellbrunn Park were built. They are like real jewels on the outskirts of Salzburg. Hellbrunn is a place for celebrations, a hunting lodge, a residence and a park full of surprises.

Since the castle was used as a summer residence, the so-called Renaissance Games have been created in its attached park. The main element in them is water. It drives all the attractions in the park. The water often springs from unexpected places and at unusual times. You can see it flows even from the dinner table, which was a kind of fountain and often surprised the guests of the Archbishop.

At Hellbrunn Castle you can see how the Archbishops lived 400 years ago, to explore the beautiful gardens, and enjoy the fountains that trick guests sometimes. You can indulge in an evening stroll when everything is even more romantic.

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What to see in Hellbrunn Castle Park?

Fountains that do tricks

Greek mythology has a huge effect on the design of fountains. Among the displayed ancient heroes, you will see Eurydice, Neptune, and the Goddess of Hunting Diana. The largest fountain is located directly at the back of the palace: the Altemps Fountain with Lake Zodiac and its magnificent mosaics.

Look out for hidden fountains that spring from the most unexpected places. They may splash while you take pictures if you are distracted and left behind from the group.

Mechanical Theater

It was built in 1750 by Lorenz Rouneger. About 200 figures depicting the life of a small Baroque town and the crafts in it are powered by water. You will see a miller, potter and other figures who seem as they come to life.

What do you need to know before visiting Hellbrunn Castle?

  • During different seasons the castle and its gardens have different business hours.
  • A Christmas Bazaar is organized at the castle in December, which is not as crowded as the one in town.
  • You can explore the fountains that do tricks only with a tour guide, as they are manually driven by castle staff just like it was 400 years ago.
  • Fountains are accessible only during warm months.
  • Photos in the palace and the fountains with tricks are allowed.
  • You can visit gardens and fountains with tricks along with your dog if it is on a leash and with a muzzle. However, pets are not allowed in the palace.


The ticket includes a guided tour of the fountains with tricks and a visit to the castle with an audio guide.

Tip: If your group is larger than 15 people, it is best to get your tickets in advance so you don’t wait in line.

Available Discounts

  • Children between 4 and 18 years
  • Students up to 26 years old
  • Families – two parents and two children
  • Seniors.


If you want to discover the secret places of the castle and learn more about them, take advantage of the tour guide.

  • Tour of fountains – duration 40 min.; Language: German and English. For other languages, ​​you have to make a request.
  • Tour of the palace – 40 min. An audio guide is available in several languages, including English.
  • Group tours – for over 20 people.
  • Individual tour – with reservation only.
  • Evening tours – only in summer.


The park and fountains with tricks are accessible for wheelchairs, except for the castle.

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