Museum Quarter

Museum Quarter in Vienna
Vienna’s Museum Quarter is an intriguing art area that is located in the 7
th district of Vienna, Austria. It’s very close to the Hofburg Castle. In Vienna’s Museum Quarter you can enjoy an amazing combo of Baroque and contemporary architecture, as well as, of course, lots of museums among which we can point out the top favorites such as Leopold Museum, The Modern Arts Museum, Kunsthalle and many more. This quarter reminds of a constantly lively scene with its brilliant exhibitions, theaters and festivals.

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What to see?

Leopold Museum

Here you can see hundreds of masterpieces that represent the modernism and expressionism collected by the passionate art lover, Dr. engineer Rudolf Leopold. In the museum there are also paintings drawn by Gustav Klimt, Egon Shiele and many more special collections. Come to enjoy these entire 1300 paintings hang on the walls of three floors within the museum. Among all of the pieces of art, besides paintings, you can also see graphics, sculptures, photographs, exponents made of glass, ceramics, metal, textile or leather and even jewelries and pieces of furniture.


This is the place that’s usually visited by the modern and contemporary art lovers. The museum is placed in one lovely baroque room where different exhibitions take place. There’s a café with a fantastic view here, too.

MUOMOK – Modern Arts museum

This is the biggest modern art museum in Central Europe. Inside its premises you can enjoy the masterpieces made by some of the key artists from XX and XXI century such as Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Pablo Picasso, Yoko Ono, Gunter Brus and Gerhard Richter. The collection is focused on pop art, photorealism and novo realism. It includes nearly 9 000 pieces of art: not only paintings, but also sculptures, art installations, drawings, graphics, photographs, videos, movies, architecture models and pieces of furniture.

AZ W – architecture museum

This is the only architecture museum in Austria. It enjoys very high ratings and great reputation among the entire planet being a solid information center where knowledge and studies meet together, but also because of its amazing architecture collection. Meanwhile, Az W offers universal professional services to all architecture lovers.

ZOOM Kid’s museum

In the Kid’s Museum, ZOOM you can ask, touch, study, experience and play. Here the kids literally explore the world with all of their senses. Of course, adults are also welcomed and they can even actively participate in all of the programs. There are different zones in the museum and each of them provides different activities specially tailored for a certain kid’s age:

  • 8-month to 6 years
  • 3-12 years old
  • 6-12 years old
  • 8-14 years old


Q21 is the workspace for nearly 50 different initiatives, clubs, agencies and editor’s offices from the culture sphere. This entire art space spreads among a territory of 7000 square meters. Here you can meet different artists that present their own works. Don’t miss the exhibitions at the outdoors for anything in life. They usually take place from April till November.

Restaurant and cafes

  • Aloha – it reminds of a beach bar and it’s suitable for a refreshing drink on feet, but it works only in a sunny weather
  • Biosk – it’s a wonderful place for grabbing something for a bite, as well as for an ice-cream stop during the summer and for some hot beverage during the winter season. As it’s in the outdoors, the amenity works only if the weather allows it.
  • Café Leopold – it’s placed inside Leopold Museum. The café offers Asian, international and local cuisine
  • Café-restaurant Corbaci – it offers various cuisine types and an environment with beautiful design. This is the ideal place for fast lunch or afternoon coffee. The menu is seasonal and rich in local specialties.
  • Café-restaurant HALLE – it offers both: traditional and modern meals
  • Café MUMOK – a place with peaceful atmosphere and fresh design where you can enjoy your short relaxation with a drink in hand
  • Café DSCHUNGEL – offers meals for any taste and suits your needs when you want to spend some with the entire family
  • Glacis Beisl Restaurant – it’s a combo between traditional restaurant menu and modern cuisine inspired by Vienna’s specialties. In short, here you can try the upgraded goulash or cutlet version.


  • Museum shop MQ Point – specially tailored for extraordinary gifts. Each month a new designer is selected to offer his or her own pieces of art at affordable prices.
  • Walter King Bookstore – offers specialized literature in the sphere of art and architecture
  • Museum shop Leopold – interesting goods that are inspired by the homonymous museum
  • Shop SUBOTRON – here, you will find gadgets, games, music and lots of other cool and interesting things
  • Shop MUMOK – a wide range of catalogues devoted to the museum exhibitions and designer’s goods
  • Musktank – music shop
  • Shop “Comic arts” – as the name of this shop tells it, here you will find everything related to humor and all of its aspects – books, postcard, calendars and so on

What should I know before a visit of Vienna’s Museum Quarter?

  • You can reach it with any of these subway lines: U2 or U3, as well as with a bus – 48A or 2B – or with a tram 49
  • There’s are 24/7 working paid parking spaced right next to Vienna’s Museum Quarter
  • The place isn’t very interesting for the kids, excluding the Kid’s museum
  • The prices in the amenities and the shops are a bit higher than the standard prices in Vienna, so, please have this in mind while shopping
  • The place is usually quite full of locals, who are just on a walk in Vienna’s Museum Quarter, so if you hurry, you might be a bit annoyed by the staff’s sluggishness
  • Combine your visit with any interesting exhibition, theatre or any other intriguing performance that takes place here


  • Duo ticket – includes a visit of two museums you individually choose
  • Art ticket – Museum Leopold, Kunsthalle and MUMOK
  • Combo ticket – Museum Leopold, Kunsthalle, MUMOK and the Architecture museum
  • Family ticket – Museum Leopold, Kunsthalle, MUMOK and an entrance for Architecture museum for adults and two kids up to 13 years old
  • Duo family ticket – Museum Leopold and MUMOK (for two adults and two kids up to 13 years old)


Tours in English are arranged with reservations in advance.

  • Secret tour” – a visit of the secret corners in Vienna’s Museum Quarter with a guide. It lasts 60 minutes
  • KaserQuartier Tour – you will learn more about the preliminary plan and the background history of Vienna’s Museum Quarter as a part of the so called Caiserforum. The duration of this tour is 90 minutes.
  • Q21 Backstage – take a look behind the scenes of Creative Cluster Q21. The tour lasts 45-60 minutes.

There are discounts available for:

  • Kids
  • School boys and girls
  • Students
  • Pensioners
  • People with disabilities


Vienna’s Museum Quarter is completely accessible for people with movability problems, as well to people with wheelchairs.

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