Donauturm in Vienna
Do you know which the highest tower in Vienna is? As a matter of fact, it’s Donauturm or Danube tower. This tower rises up to 252 meters high to the sky. It’s used for observation purposes, as well as a radio tower. Donauturm is located in one of the most beautiful parks around Vienna – Danube Park. The tower was found back in 1964th year on the occasion of Vienna’s international gardening fair. Donauturm attracts up to 420 000 visitors per year. The elevator takes all of them up to 150 meters of height so they can enjoy a 360-Degree panoramic view of the Austrian capital.

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How to reach Donauturm?

Use the subway line U1 and get off at Alte Donau station or U6 line and get off at Neueu Donau. It’s from where you can then, get on an electric bus that takes you right in front of the tower within 5 minutes.
If you choose to see Vienna by a tourist bus, you can get off at Donauturm station in order to see the tower.

Tip: If you have Vienna PASS, you can visit Danube tower for free.

Cafes, restaurants and shops

There are towers and restaurants, as well as cafes and shops at your disposal right next to Donauturm. You can get something tasty for a bite at the foot of the tower: either In Turmcafe, which is placed at 160 meters of height, or in the spinning restaurant, called Turmrestaurant, which is even higher, 170 meters above the ground.

What should I know before a visit of Donauturm?

  • Donauturm works every day with two exceptions: 24th and 31st of December, as well as when there’s a maintenance day.
  • The access for animals is forbidden in the tower, excluding the cases with guide dogs
  • Due to security measures in case of an incident, in one elevator only 1 person in a wheelchair can enter in one elevator. Meanwhile, the number of people in wheelchairs at the observation terrace on the tower at once is three. It’s necessary for them to have companions for security.
  • It’s not allowed to get the elevator of Donauturm with a stroller. If you have one, you can take it at the places that are specially tailored for the purpose and that are located at the entrance of the tower.
  • You might need to wait on the queue for the elevator in order to reach the top of Donauturm tower.

Types of tickets

  • A ticket just for the tower
  • A ticket for the tower with special tours and events if there are such arranged at its territory
  • Group tickets
  • Skip-the-line – if you don’t want to wait at the queue, choose this type of a ticket. It gives you an access to the tower, the cafes and the restaurants. The ticket fee includes bus transfer and it’s valid every day.
  • Combo ticket to mix the visit of Donauturm with a visit of other attractions at the territory of Vienna.

There are discounts for:

  • Kids between 6 and 14 years old
  • Pensioners over 60 years old
  • Kids up to 6 years old enter Donauturm for free

Types of tours

Regardless of the tour type you choose, it’s recommended for you to book it in advance.

  • Brunch at the top – includes getting to the top of the tower with an elevator and brunch meal in the café
  • Dinner at the top – includes getting to the top of the tower with an elevator and dinner with 3-meal course in the spinning restaurant on the terrace
  • At the top at midnight – includes an evening reach of the top with an elevator up to the Tower Café where you will enjoy truly cool stories, astrology and amazing food.


Unfortunately, visits of the restaurant and the café at the top of Donauturm are not allowed for people in wheelchairs. They can take the elevator up to the observation terrace, as well as to visit Donaurbrau, Donaucafe and the shops at Donauturm ground floor.

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