Belvedere Castle

Belvedere palace in Vienna
Belvedere Castle in Vienna mixes in a unique way amazing architecture style with exquisite sense of art. As a matter of fact, it’s not one single castle, but a structure formed of two castles that are situated in the baroque royal residence of Belvedere. The residence had been building during the period between 1721st and 1722nd year as an order made by Prince Eugene of Savoy.

The Down Belvedere is the smaller castle. Within its construction lot of pieces of art are preserved. The artifacts are from the medieval times till these days. The bigger castle is the Upper Belvedere. Here, an amazing painting gallery is placed. The main accent in the gallery is represented by the masterpieces drawn by Gustav Klimt. There’s, by the way, one more, a third building in the residence, which has been turn in to a museum devoted to modern art and named Belvedere 21.

Check out now my personal tips for your visit of Belvedere Castle.

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What should you see?

Down Belvedere

It’s Prince Eugene’s ex-royal residence. Today, the building is turn into an exhibition premise where more than 18 600 paintings are shown to present a big period of nearly 900 years. It’s where you can have an imaginary walk to the art world of the middle Ages, the Renaissance until these days.

How to reach it?

Use tram 71 and get off at Am Heumarkt or with tram D till station Gußhaustraße.

Upper Belvedere

The baroque castle today is an art gallery, which is by the way the most visited painting museum in Austria. Here, the biggest collection of canvas created by the famous Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt, is presented, including one of his biggest masterpieces – “The Kiss”. The painting shows the artist’s beloved woman, Emilie Floge. Klimt is a forefather of the Vienna secession movement, which is, as a matter of fact, usually related with art Nuevo style. In this gallery you can also see other paintings made by lots of Klimt’s contemporaries, including Oscar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele.

How to reach it?

  • With tram D to Schloss Belvedere station
  • Tram 18 or O to Quartier Belvedere station
  • Train to Quartier Belvedere station
  • U1 subway line to Südtiroler Platz / Hauptbahnhof station – this is 15 minutes away by feet

Belvedere 21

It’s the place of the modern Austrian and international art, movies and music. It had turn into an architectural icon of the post-war modernism. Since 1962nd year the building it has been used to host exhibitions, as well as to be the Museum of the 20th century. Till these days that’s the place which is mostly preferred by people of art, as well as their followers.

How to reach it?

With tram D, 18, 0 or bus 69A to Quarter Belvedere station

The gardens

Belvedere’s gardens are actually some of the most significant historical gardens in Europe. They are designed in a typical French style and even their present look can be a great example for a model of a late baroque garden. Visit the Royal gardens that are located between the Upper and the Down Belvedere on mandatory. Discover the Secret garden at the west side of the Down Belvedere, which is divided into two terraces. Have a look at the Garden with the sculptures that is a part of the overall Belvedere 21 architectural conception. Do not miss for anything in life the oldest Alpine garden in Europe, as well as the special collection of orchids and succulents in the Botanic garden.

What should I know before a visit of Belvedere Castle?

  • The most crowded time is from Friday till Sunday, as well as during the holidays and between 11 and 14 o’clock, which is why it’s recommended for you to plan your visit outside of these periods.
  • The parking spaces around the castle are limited – especially during the working time
  • Within Belvedere buildings you cannot enter any knapsacks, travel bags or other big objects. In case you carry any, you can leave them at the cloakrooms, excluding the suitcases as the employees will not accept such.
  • You are not allowed to make any photographs in the castle if you are not planning to keep them for your own and you are not going to use them with any commercial purpose. There are, though, premises, where photographs are fully forbidden to be made.
  • It’s also not allowed to make photos with flash function. Neither is to use any selfie stick or a camera stand.
  • Animals or pets (excluding guide dogs) are not allowed in the castle

Types of tickets

  • Ticket for Upper Belvedere
  • Ticket for Down Belvedere
  • Ticket for Belvedere 21
  • Combo tickets for Upper Belvedere and Down Belvedere
  • Combo ticket for Upper Belvedere and Down Belvedere + Belvedere 21


You will be offered audio guides at several different languages, including English. They could be very useful for your visit of the entire royal residence of Belvedere.

There discounts for:

  • Pensioners above 65 years old
  • Students under 27 years old
  • People with disabilities (documents are needed for evidence)
  • Kids under 19 years old can enter Belvedere Castle 100% for free


  • The buildings of the royal residence are accessible for people with mobility disabilities
  • There are elevators
  • There are also WCs for invalids
  • There are parking spaces for people with disabilities
  • Guide dogs are welcome

Working time

The three buildings of the royal residence of Belvedere are with different working time. Go to the Belvedere Website to get more information about the working time.

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