Salzburg Cathedral

View of the Salzburg Cathedral
The Salzburg Cathedral dominates the historic center of Salzburg, Austria with its mighty structure and a dome that is visible for miles. Together with the baroque sites that surround it, the complex form a unique scene of history, art and architecture called Dom Quartier. Today the Cathedral has two medieval precursors, remains of which are in its crypt. The first Cathedral was sanctified by St. Virgil in 774. The building was expanded by Archbishop Hartwick (991-1023), while Archbishop Conrad I (1106-1147) added the two western towers.

The cornerstone of the existing Sts. Rupert and Virgil Cathedral was laid in 1614. The towers and surrounding squares were ready about 50 years later. The architecture of the Salzburg Cathedral impresses with its distinct forms, unique decor and marble facade. Even more amazing is the fact that it can hold around 10,000 people!

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What to see there?

  • The Crypt – the Archbishops of Salzburg are buried there. There is also a small chapel.
  • The baptismal font – where was the christening of the brilliant composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, glorifying Salzburg afterward.
  • Cathedral Museum – it is part of Dom Quartier and you can visit it along with other nearby temples and museums.

What do you need to know before visiting the Cathedral of Salzburg?

  • The Cathedral stands next to the Residence Castle and the Monastery of St. Peter.
  • Check its business hours before visiting. Keep in mind that it can close its premises without notice for religious services, holidays and other reasons.
  • When visiting, you should wear proper clothes and keep quiet.
  • You can attend one of the many church choir concerts, accompanied by an organ.
  • If you want to take advantage of the guide’s services, it is a good idea to make a reservation.


Visiting the Cathedral is free of charge. Only guided tours are paid.


Guided tours in English, German and Italian are available. They are a great option if you want to learn more about the life of the Prince Archbishops, the architecture of the building and the fabulous treasures the cathedral preserves.

  • Duration – between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • The maximum number of participants in one group is 25 people.
  • Discounts are available for children, school and youth groups.


  • There is a ramp for self-propelled wheelchairs.
  • All venues in the Cathedral except the Crypt are accessible for visitors on wheelchairs.
  • Visibly impaired visitors with guide dogs are allowed.
  • An inductive hearing aid is available for hearing impaired visitors.
  • There are specially designated places for the disabled.

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