Salzburg city view
you love winding streets and castles? Do you prefer to ride a bike or travel on a trolley? All of these things you can find in Salzburg, where you can enjoy some of the most delicious Western food. Check out my travel tips, if you want to spend an unforgettable holiday in the Austrian city!

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The City

Salzburg is the oldest city in Austria. It is located in the Western part of the country. Salzburg is a famous mountain resort. It stretches at the foot of the Alps, between Bavaria and Tyrol Province, and it stands on both banks of the Salzach River. The name of the city means “Salt Fortress”. It is also known as the “City of Mozart” because Salzburg has the privilege to be the birthplace of the world-famous composer. The historic center of Salzburg is placed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • City Area – 65.65 km²
  • Population – 153,377 people
  • Attendance – 3 million people
  • Official language – German
  • City Airport – VA Mozart International Airport

When Is the Right Time to Visit Salzburg?

Summertime is pleasant and humid in Salzburg, while the winters are very cold. It is best to plan your visit to the city from June to early September.

  • Minimum Temperatures – sometimes up to – 12 °C
  • Maximum Temperatures – up to 31 °C
  • The Hottest Months – June, July and August
  • The Coldest Months – December and January
  • Chance of Precipitation – December, January, and February


Public Transport

  • Trolleys – It has been the main public transport in the city since 1940. Now the trolleys are new and modern, operating in every 10 minutes. They are a fast, convenient and eco-friendly way to get around the city.

Tip: The cheapest way to travel is to buy your ticket in advance. If you buy it directly from the trolley driver, it will be more expensive. I recommend getting a 24-hour ticket, allowing you to ride on the city public transport network.

  • Buses – just like trolleys, they are also fast and reliable. Buses operate in every 15 minutes.

Tip: In July and August, buses run at a different scheme. You can find current information about it here.

  • S-Bahn – this is a suburban railway network that can help you avoid traffic. For your convenience, the city has five different lines.

Tip: Between 5:00 and 00:00 local trains usually run at intervals of 30 minutes, while at the peak times they run every 15 minutes.

  • Cable car to the Hohensalzburg Fortress – this is the oldest cable car in Austria built-in 1892. In just 54 seconds it will take you to the most popular sightseeing in Salzburg.

Rental Car

I do not advise you to travel to the city by car, because the entire historic center is closed to cars. Also, parking spaces are limited. Even if you find a spot in the center, your limit is only for a few hours stay.

Tip: If you still want to rent a car, use the P + R Parking Lot. The price is 15 euros and includes a full-day pass for up to 5 people on the Public Transport Network.

Tourist buses

They are a convenient and interesting way to explore the main sights in the city. The tour lasts 1 hour and is conducted in 13 different languages. You can get off and board on any of the 12 stops whenever you want. If a day is not enough for you to explore the city, you can get a two-day ticket.

Bicycles for Rent

Bicycling is the fastest way of transportation in the city, especially at rush hours. The bicycle routes network is more than 180 km long. Most of the bike lanes are along the banks of the Salzach River. You can enjoy cycling through beautiful parks and charming streets. It is very easy to rent a bike in Salzburg. You can find them on every street corner. There are many guided tours available both in the city and in the surrounding area.


Whether you need to travel to the train station, airport, city center or your hotel, a taxi is always a quick and safe way to get around. Of course, it is more expensive than public transport. Although, the taxis in Salzburg are much more affordable than in other European cities.


If you want a tasty morning or afternoon coffee with some delicious sweets aside, visit the Cafe Wurfelzucker, Fingerlos or Schatz Konditorei. For healthy food fans and admirers of vegetarian cuisine, I recommend the Milton Restaurant. Here you will find seasonal dishes prepared with great local produce. If you want to try some unique seasonal specialties, visit the Die Weisse. You can even try an awesome local beer at a brewery, right when it gets ready for consumption. The most popular restaurant in Salzburg, which serves local cuisine, is the Augustiner Bräu. The food place has been around since 1621. It is always crowded, especially in the summer because of its beautiful garden. You can try traditional Schnitzel or Leberkaz (it consists of meat with hot horseradish, radishes, and pretzels). Do you want to take your partner on a romantic dinner with a great view? Then choose Flavor Restaurant and Bar. There are 19 Michelin-starred restaurants in Salzburg. Three of them have the full score of 3 stars. Michelin experts recommend the Zum Buberl Gut Restaurant, located in a sophisticated 17th-century house. The place offers a dizzying mix of flavors, which can justify any taste. Another place worth visiting is the Riedenburg, offering local cuisine served in a contemporary way. There, you can see also a lovely garden with chestnut trees.


If you want to feel like a local in Salzburg, I recommend you to try the following options:

  • A Long breakfast – Take at least an hour to enjoy your morning coffee and nutritious breakfast. It must include meat, a croissant, sweets, cheese, and egg.
  • Swim Outdoors – swimming pools are one of the busiest places in the summertime.
  • Do not mind to drive to a local market and dine at the park.
  • Ride your bike through the winding streets.
  • Have dinner at a place that offers authentic cuisine.
  • Look for a small bar and chat with locals.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Salzburg is not a big city, but the nightlife options are very playful and variable. It offers the best alternatives for trendy bars or even authentic Irish pubs. Almost all of the entertaining places are located within walking distance in the city center.

A favorite spot for students is the Flip Bar. It offers some of the best cocktails in town. For a good drink, go to the Havana Bar. The place has more than 20-year’s history in the Salzburg nightlife. If you’re into Irish-style pubs, visit the Shamrock or O`Malley. There you can find nice music and delicious food. What about a river bar? Visit the Amadeus Salzach-Insel-Bar on the Salzach River. The place is famous for its well-organized events. Finally, there you can see some of the greatest city views.

Top Attractions in Salzburg:

Hohensalzburg Fortress
Salzburg Cathedral
Mirabell Palace and Gardens
Hellbrunn Castle
Mozart House Museum