Roman Forum

Roman Forum is located between the two emblematic hills in Rome, the Palatine and the Capitoline hills. The construction of the forum began in the end of 7th century BC. Eventually, Roman Forum has turned into a center for the public life in Ancient Rome Empire and, it still is.

Roman Forum had been building in stages. First, during the 2nd century BC the buildings for the political, religious and trade activities appeared. Then, the first courts were opened. Within the times, Roman Forum started seeming too small to accommodate the entire city’s administration. The forum had also turned into a place where the emperors built their chapels and monuments in honor to their glorious war victories.

Now, please, feel free to check out my tips that will make your visit in Roman Forum even more interesting and easier to arrange.

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What to see?

Arch of Spetimius Sverus

It was built back in 204th year in an honor to Sepmius Serus’ victory in the war with the Parthian Kingdom – the dominating power in Iran. The arch is made of marble. It’s placed in the north-eastern part of Roman Forum.

Arch of Titus

It is so impressive that the Arch of Titus has turned into a model for building of many other arches across the whole world, including Arch de Triumph in Paris. Arch of Titus was built in 81st year in an honor to Titus’ victory against Judea.

Curia Julia

This is the place where the Roman senate used to have conferences. The construction was built by the order of Julius Ceaser in 44th year. The building that you can see today dates from Diocletian’s time as the first construction got burnt in a fire. However, there are things that are preserved from the building prototype – the marble floor, as well as two reliefs that show Trajan Emperor.

Column of Phocas

It is a relic preserved from the last building added to Roman Forum construction back in 608th year in an honor to the Byzantium Emperor, Phocas.

Saturn’s Chapel

It’s built in an honor to God Saturn back in 497th year BC. According to the legend the construction was built on the top of an altar that, on the other side, was created by Hercules for the God of Sun. It’s one of the oldest holy places in Rome. The chapel also used to serve the role of a state depository. Today, Saturn’s Chapel is very poor in relics as only few of its columns are preserved.

What should I know before a visit of Roman Forum?

  • Roman Forum working time is different in different seasons. Check it out in advance in the official website of the attraction.
  • The ticket cash-desk closes an hour before the end of the working time. I strongly recommend you to buy a ticket online instead of waiting on the queue for hours.
  • There are three entrances you can use to start your Roman Forum tour. The first one is Via dei Fori Imperialia, where usually people wait on the queue for about 15 minutes. The second one is the entrance for Palatine, which is in most cases quite tranquil. The last one is the entrance in front of the Coliseum and it’s where you will have to wait for the longest time, which is why I advise you to skip it.
  • If you visit Roman Forum in summer, it’s on mandatory have a hat, water and sunscreen products. Except for waiting under the hot sun, while trying to enter the attraction, you will also walk around it for hours ahead later.
  • The smallest tourist crowds are early in the morning or a bit before Roman Forum closes.


  • Standard ticket – valid for two consecutive days and provides you one visit to Coliseum and one to Roman Forum, Palatine and all the guest exhibitions.
  • Super ticket – valid for an access to Coliseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, as well as to another 7 special places. The route is enriched with film shows, flash maps, voices over for storytelling and many other cool surprises
  • Roma Pass Card – if you own one, you can visit the Coliseum, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and all the guest exhibiti8ons. The access to Palatine Museum is not included, though.

There are discounts for:

  • EU citizens from 18 to 25 years old
  • The entrance is for free for people under 17 years old and over 65 years old


  • Roman Forum guide tour is suitable for all ages. Thanks to this tour you can learn lots of interesting facts about the background history of this place. You will see all the relics preserved till these days such as buildings, artifacts and etc. Plus – you will learn what role each of them used to serve in past. The guide tour lasts 75 minutes. There are discounts for student groups.
  • You can combine Roman Forum tour with Palatine Hill visit
  • There are also audio and video guides

Special tip: I strongly recommend you to book guide, because otherwise you risk missing something very special or an interesting spot in the giant Roman Forum. If you, though, don’t want to get engaged in a planned tour, better get some detailed brochure that can navigate you through your route, because this attraction requires from you to walk for a really long time.


Roman Forum is accessible for people with mobility problems, as well as for those who use wheelchairs. All of them are welcomed alongside with their companions.

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