Vltava cruises

While you in Prague, you will be able to enjoy numerous beautiful views of Vltava River. Did you know that the city views by water aren’t less impressive at all, though? To get confident about that, get on any of the numerous available cruises by Vltava River. It’s the longest river in Czech Republic – 430 kilometers in total. The river fully runs on the territory of the country. It rises from Sumava Mountains at 1172 meters altitude. They call it “the queen of the Czech rivers”, too. Vltava River flows into Elba River in the city of Melnik.

Vltava cruise will let you see some of the most interesting historical and cultural attractions in the city from a new specter. You can enjoy the night lights of Prague or some tasty specialty right on the boat board. You can even pick up from different types of cruises depending on the preferred route, duration and price.

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How to book a cruise?

The best way to skip the lo9ng queues and to select what exactly to experience and to see, as well as to arrange a specific departure day, is to make an online Vltava cruise reservation.

Types of Vltava cruises

Generally we can divide the Prague cruises on Vltava River into two groups: short cruises with lunch and night cruises with a dinner.

Short Vltava River cruises:

  • Panoramic cruise – see the beauty of Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, Kampa Island and many other impressive views of Prague. The cruise lasts from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. Audio guides in English language are offered to those of you who want to learn interesting facts about the attractions you will pass by.
  • Romantic cruise – to the Devil’s Channel from where you can observe the charm of the river surrounded by the old houses arranged on the coastline. This cruise type lasts 45 minutes. There’s an option for audio guide in English language.
  • Cruise + Sightseeing – You can combine a cruise experience with pedestrian visit of any of the top curious attractions in Prague.

Vltava cruises with lunch:

  • Cruise with lunch on board – discover the magic of the historical city of Prague directly from the deck of a river boat. Enjoy a delicious lunch on board while you sail across Vltava River and admire the emblematic attractions in the Czech capital. Some of the crises are arranged with live music. You will have at your disposal audio guide in English, German and other foreign languages. This cruise lasts up to 2 hours.
  • Cruise with lunch in a local restaurant – see the top tourist accents from Prague by land and water with preliminarily arranged stops at Charles Bridge, Prague Castle residence and many more. Enjoy a delicious lunch in a local restaurant. Right after that, you can have a relaxing walk by boat downstream Vltava River. This cruise lasts up to 6 hours. You will be offered with guide services in English language.

Night Vltava River cruises:

  • Experience the incomparable Prague’s charm at night thanks to the Night Vltava River cruises. Enjoy the finely lighted historical monuments! While you experience with all your senses these amazing views, you will be able to taste the authentic local Czech cuisine, too. Some of the cruises offer buffet services, while others provide elegant 3-course meal menus. On board you will get a welcome drink, too. Your entire experience, on the other side, will be accompanied by live musical performances. In addition to these, the passengers receive audio guides in English in case they want to learn more details and curious facts about the places the boat passes by. The duration of this cruise is 3 hours.

What should I know before going on Vltava River Cruise?

  • Book a cruise in advance
  • Come at least 30 minutes earlier before the boat departure time
  • The cruise is arranged and executed with minimum 2 passengers on board
  • The cruise is not suitable for kids under 3 years old
  • You cannot get on board with a pet
  • You cannot get on board with big baggage, so please, leave it in your hotel or at a cloakroom.
  • During the winter season the boats are finely heated
  • If you have selected a cruise mixed with a pedestrian walk, on mandatory wear a pair of comfy shoes


The river boats are accessible for visitors in wheelchairs.

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