Szechenyi Bath swimming pool
If you are a great lover of SPA procedures, Szechenyi Bath in Budapest is a mandatory destination for your tourism diary. With its 15 indoor 3 big outdoor swimming pools, it’s one of the best and the biggest SPA baths in Europe. Szechenyi Bath has been existing and located over natural hot springs with healing water since 1913th year. The visitors have at their disposal steam baths, saunas, as well as special offers for massage therapies. Szechenyi Bath is located within the territory of the City’s Park, 5 minutes on feet away from the Hero’s square and very close to all the top popular attractions in Budapest. The building is constructed in neo-baroque style, which is why it looks like a real palace. As a matter of fact, Szechenyi Bath is a favorite place for both: the locals and the tourists. It’s where you can enjoy awesome parties, relax thanks to the healing features the water in the pools offers, as well as to experience lovely massage procedures. In general, it’s where you can feel the real atmosphere in Budapest.

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In Szechenyi Bath you can enjoy some of the best massage therapies in Budapest. They are available daily and it’s better to book an appointment with the massage therapist in advance especially if you want to have such a procedure during the weekend. It’s a must to wear swimsuit during the massage. The massage types you can choose from are the following:

  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Harmonic aromatherapy massage
  • Royal thermal massage
  • Head massage
  • Back massage
  • Feet massage
  • Massage for two
  • Mud treatment

About the parties

Szechenyi Bath is quite famous for its night SPA parties that are arranged during both: the summer and the winter seasons, especially in Saturdays. On such a party you can hear the gigs by some of the best DJs from all around the world, as well as to enjoy unique laser show. The New Year Eve’s parties traditionally start on 30th of December.
The parties are arranged in the two thermal swimming pools with water temperature 33, respectively 38 Degree. To visit any of the parties, it is very important to get a ticket in advance. In this case, it’s not on mandatory to pay an extra entrance fee for the bath. As to the dress code – just bring your swimsuit, some comfy clothing piece, a tower and slippers.

What should I know before a visit of Szechenyi Bath?

  • It’s a must to wear swimsuit
  • The swimming pools are mixed – they are appropriate for women and men at once
  • You can get a tower and swimsuits in Szechenyi Bath, but if you don’t want to wait on the queue, better skip this option and get your own
  • Don’t forget to get your slippers
  • Kids under 14 years old are allowed to enter all the swimming pools. The swimming pools with warm thermal water of more than 36 Degree are not recommended for younger kids.
  • If you book a ticket in advance you get the right to enter the bath round the whole day, as well as to avoid waiting on the queue. Besides, as a bonus you will get a map for Szechenyi Bath, which will be necessary to orient in this huge building.
  • You can book an appointment to the pedicure specialist in Szechenyi Bath, too
  • If you want to, you can bring some drinks and snacks (glass bottles are not allowed) and to consume them at the places made for this purpose. In Szechenyi Bath, though, there are also cafes from where you can get something for a bite and to drink.
  • The bath is opened round the whole year, including on Christmas.
  • The building is truly big, which is why it is better for you to take the benefits of the map available in the website. It will help you orient and get an access to the desired destination as quickly as possible.
  • Procedures that could represent some recommendations in a medical treatment and that are not officially announced for the standard visitors are also offered.
  • Budapest Card owners receive a discount for the entrance ticket.


You can get a ticket specifically for Szechenyi Bath or to mix the entrance fee with one for any other service and entertainment offered here:

  • Full day ticket for Szechenyi Bath + baggage box
  • Ticket for morning visit – 2 hours validity
  • Ticket for guide tour
  • Ticket for the bath + massage
  • Ticket for the party


If you want to see Szechenyi Bath as an architectural attraction that represents the beautiful neo-baroque style, you can find a guide for the purpose. Please, heave in mind, though, that the guide tour is quite short – about 15-20 minutes. You will see all the swimming pools, the marble statues, the columns, the mosaics and the secret little spots the bath hides. You will also learn interesting facts about Szechenyi Bath’s background history. The tours are arranged every day and they are available only in Hungarian and English.


The official spot for an access with a wheelchair is in the section Thermal, which is the entrance from the pedestrian walk Kós Károly. Inside the bath there are also changing-rooms specially tailored for people with disabilities, as well swimming pools that are designed to ease people with mobility issues as much as possible.

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