Gellert Thermal Bath pool
Gellért Bath is one of the most famous thermal baths in Europe and one of the most visited ones with hot thermal water in Budapest alongside with Szechenyi Bath. Gellért Thermal Bath is located at the foot of Gellért Peak, right next to the shore of Danube River. Here, you can literally sense the healing features of the water and to enjoy an amazing and unforgettable relaxation time.

The history of Gellért Thermal Bath began back in 1918th year. However, the healing springs have been known since old ancient times. The water springs have been used since 12th century by Saint Joan’s knights. This 100-years old bath is located in a beautiful building, which was constructed in an Art Nuevo style. Inside the building there are 10 swimming pools with different sizes and water temperatures. The outside pools are, though, the total ice of the cake not only during summer, but even in the colder winter months.

In Gellért Thermal Bath you can indulge in relaxing SPA procedures and massage therapies. You can also visit any of the saunas or the sunbathing terrace, which opens up a brilliant view of Gellért Peak. In the end, I strongly recommend you to finish your experience with a relaxing time right next to the geothermal swimming pools with a drink in hand. Doesn’t all of this sound like the perfect vacation?

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Massage therapies

Gellért Thermal Bath offers high quality massage services for all of the guests. They vary depending on the duration and the healing effect. To enjoy any of the massages, you should have an entrance ticket for the bath, as well as to make a reservation in advance. It’s recommended to be at the place for a massage at least 1 hour earlier.

  • Short massage procedures (20-minute) – aroma massages, thermal massages, feet massages, head massage
  • 45-minute or 60-minute massage procedures – harmonic aroma massage, massage for two, royal thermal massage
  • Treatment with Hungarian mud (60-minute) – individual procedure or treatment for two
  • Thai massage
  • Romantic pack for two – private bath, massage, cruise across Danube River, basket with fruits and a bottle of sparkling wine

Other services and facilities

  • Steam baths
  • Saunas
  • Pedicure (it’s not possible to book online)
  • Beauty salon (the services cannot be booked online)
  • Sunbathing terrace
  • Renting services: towels, gowns, swimsuits, swimming hats

What should I know before a visit of Gellért Thermal Bath?

  • It’s opened for people of all ages – kids, women, men
  • It’s on mandatory to bring some swimsuit, slippers and gown. If you don’t have your own, you can rent some in the bath
  • The bath shares the same building with Hotel Gellért, which is one of the best spa hotels in Budapest
  • The bath looks like a labyrinth a lot, which is why it’s recommended for you to have a map at the entrance of the building or to find one in the official website of Gellért Thermal Bath.
  • If you want to have massage procedures, better book an hour in advance
  • The bath is not as crowded as Szechenyi Bath as the prices in Gellért Thermal Bath are quite higher
  • The photos are not allowed. The ban is in the sake of the peace and tranquility most visitors come to enjoy here.
  • The warm thermal water is not recommended for kids under 14 years old as it might affect negatively its heart-vascular system
  • Using the hot thermal springs are not recommended for pregnant women
  • Pets are not allowed in Gellért Thermal Bath


  • Ticket for Gellért Thermal Bath that includes an access to all the swimming pools and other facilities
  • Ticket for Gellért Thermal Bath with direct access – you will not have to wait at the queue to enter the amenity
  • Ticket for Gellért Thermal Bath + massage
  • Ticket for Gellért Thermal Bath + guide


If you want to have a walk in Gellért Thermal Bath with a guide, you can join any of the tours that are arranged in specific times within the working time. Please, have in mind, though, the tour lasts around 10-15 minutes. It’s not necessary to book a ticket in advance for the tour. There are no limits for maximum or minimum people in a group for the tour to start.


All the zones in Gellért Thermal Bath are accessible for people in wheelchairs. Some of the swimming pools are with elevators thanks to which even people with reduced mobility can dive into the thermal waters.

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